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Have You Used Fiverr Early Payout Option?

Thank you so much for sharing, this is very interesting!

Not, only the funds for orders that are marked as complete can have pending clearance. You cannot cancel an order after it’s marked as complete, reviewed and rated.

Great but I didn’t found it yet…

You sure can. I’ve had it happen to me.

Maybe, but how can that be? The buyer reviewed your services and then the buyer comes back and say the services did not solve the problem?

Early payout only available for those order buyer accepted manually.Its Not for automatically complete orders.

They found a typo - 15 days after the order was manually completed and they left a 5-star review. Instead of asking for a revision they went to customer service and requested a cancelation. Customer service canceled the order and removed the funds from my account. They said they couldn’t “force the buyer to accept the order due to the mistake.” There was only one mistake cited in their cancelation request. The article is still on this buyer’s website, even after multiple DMCA takedown notices.


Maybe you should report the website for copyright infringement. They still used your work even after complaining it was having some typo.

That’s something that Fiverr should take a look at. They should sometimes try to understand the seller instead of just being fully supportive to the buyer.

What a sad experience that must have been!

That doesn’t seem to be a misconception. The only difference between the orders in this screenshot is that the $129 order was the only order automatically marked as complete. Below you can see an order for $103 from the same buyer, for the same service in the same price range which was “manually” accepted and it has the option.

Another similar order from the same buyer should get autocomplete in a couple of days, I’ll make sure to check if it have the option available.

Hi Community,

Is the early pay out options available from a certain seller level onwards?

Thank you in advance

It isn’t but I believe once you cancel an order , you lose the option for early payouts , had an unresponsive buyer and had CS cancel the order , lost the option for early payout

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Well, I had a cancel order so have to wait for the time to come.

So, yesterday I made a withdrawal without an early payout, and today this button has become available to me again. So I guess it was some kind of bug or something, but it’s definitely an automatic system, not the hands of the Fiverr staff :slight_smile:

I’ve been on this site since forever and just NOW realizing this is a thing. That’s pretty neat!

Very possible reason is auto completed order.
While your order will completed automatically without buyer approval, those will not have Early Payout Option :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying it. For 1% extra charge only getting instant payment release is fair enough. :+1:

One of my order is auto completed without buyer review, he is a returning client. I have seen this feature first time because I have started selling recently & I’m Lvl1 seller. But strange thing is that is only showing on gig extra that I offered on an active order, small amount of 30$ is available for early payout but the big amount is not showing this option.