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Have You Used Fiverr Early Payout Option?

It seems the option has been disabled, as I was seeing the option, and have used it quite often, but in the past few days I have not seen it on my recent earnings.

It was an amazing feature.
However not sure, why it’s not permanent!
I got that opportunity twice but now it vanished once again :slight_smile:

Dont worry, you will get that soon :slight_smile:

Same to me. It’s not a permanent feature. Maybe it’s depending on your frequent earning and how much time you use this feature.

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I think it disappeared because I had outstanding fund for my promoted gig. It appeared after the outstanding was paid. So, I was able to use it afterwards.

Thank you

Yes. I have been using Early Payout Option since 1 Year and its amazing.

I was having this option for last 15 days and have lost this option now and also do not know the reason as I cannot see an early payout option on any order either it is reviewed or not. Thanks

I also have this new feature in my Earning section. I think its a nice new feature.

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Never use it although it is there. I always wait a month before drawing my cash.

I got this option today. But it shows only for below $50 earnings

Yeah :slight_smile: I got this option many times ago and the option is really great , I am really very very happy to got it :slight_smile: You can get your cash instant if you want. So it looks like ‘‘cheek and balance’’
HAVE A GREAT DAY :slight_smile: .


I got it. Is it lifetime?

Not at all. It’s depending on your frequent earning and using.

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I have been given the options for some months back but just noticed it has been removed again… who else noticed that ?

Me too
Noticed they took it off.
I don’t know why.

Mine also removed. i just noticed today.

This is cool option. But Automatic Complete Orders not allow this option

Automatic Complete order not allow this Option, please check your order states.

i can’t see that option is this option is for a specified level seller or do other new sellers also have this option ?

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