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Have your sales been dropping in the past couple of weeks?

If YES, then you might want to read this. If NO, then you should read this as well…

Since a couple of weeks, and perhaps more, I have noticed a serious drop in my orders and thought that it was one of those low periods we all experience as sellers. I have learned with time that when Fiverr is tweaking and improving something, I have a low period with less sales, then it comes back to normal and what I do in the meantime is to promote my Gigs extensively. But this time, the drop lasted a bit too long to my liking, till ending to a complete standstill.

Worried about the situation, I contacted Support and among other things I was seeking help for I was told (vaguely) something that got me thinking and put together with comments I can read on the forum, it does make sense that Fiverr is now really trying to have us to improve our Gigs and take them to a higher quality standard… or burst. They seem to be physically reviewing every Gig and classifying them (that’s my feeling).

So, if you are experiencing a similar drop in your Impressions, Clicks, Views and Orders, then, you might find it useful to read what I have done to get my Gigs back (almost) on track. If you don´t seem to be affected (for now), your turn will come for sure.

Here are the few things I have done so far, and I hope that some of you will add something to it for all of us to benefit:

1 - Whenever the new Package system is made available to any of your existing Gigs, re-organised your Gig accordingly and as soon as possible.

2 - I reviewed my Gigs titles, description and tags and didn’t hesitate to make changes.

3 - For some Gigs, I changed the image to a better one, and added a video.

4 - Once done, I promoted my Gigs massively on social media (according to Fiverr, promoted gigs are 3 times more likely to sell!) to attract clicks.

5 - I am visiting the Buyer Requests daily to try to respond to as many requests as possible.

6 - You might have noticed too, that I am appearing on the forum and try to answer some of the questions with useful responses (and not just ¨great comment¨ or ¨thanks for sharing¨, etc…

7 - Then I check my Gigs activity every day to see if there is an improvement. Where there is nothing, I review again and make changes.

I have the feeling that Fiverr is very keen on us promoting our Gigs on the various social platforms and that we don’t completely depend on them to get us buyers. When doing so, make sure to include at least the #Fiverr as well as a few highly ranked hashtags.

I hope this will help a few of us and all additional tips are most welcome.

John :slight_smile:


Thanks for Sharing… :slight_smile:

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You are most welcome!

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No orders for 29 days and I am fine with it for two reasons - For the past 3 months (1) I strategically choose my buyers (2) I choose my base price too. Let Fiverr do their changes, for good. I do mine to make this a better option for me.


I´m glad that you are happy with your business, that’s the main thing and what we are here for :slight_smile:

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They charge us 20% which is approximately more than twice of what other freelance website’s charge. If we have to waste time on promoting then there’s no point in working on fiverr. Since, we are talking about packages, I have experienced a sudden fall. I foolishly activated the packages. This made my sales drop.

I did my research. I found out that these guys at fiverr have a filtering system on their home page where a user can select whether he wants to see sellers who sell at a lower price or not.

Being a developer on fiverr, these new buyers will only buy gigs from top rated sellers.

I don’t know what to do know. I joined another freelance network because these changes in their algorithm decreases my sales once in every 3 months.

Now, I am left with only a few bucks now :smiley:


Great tips, Am agree


Yes I had the same experience and still I am experiencing same issue. I have developed my gigs according to new packaging system and respond all 10 BR but still no change…hope it will become normal soon…Thank You for your advice

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There’s really been a drop in sales no doubt. But am positive it will get back to the way it use to be.

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I suggest you stop posting the same thing over and over on every thread. This is a sure way to make no sales at all.


In six months I got 80,000 views and 7,000 clicks. In my work that would cost over $20,000 in Google Ads. I have no issue with Fiverr Fees although they should come down a bit when you reach a certain amount of sales each month.

Other people have said that their sales INCREASED after activating packages.
Your best selling gig does not have packages, where is the big drop in sales?

Your next “issues” contradict each other. You blame the filtering system that shows low prices and say that buyers will only order from TRS’s. It is unlikely that the TRS’s in your line of work will be the cheapest so which is it?

Maybe you should try making a few changes in your gig description, keywords, think about activating packages etc.

On the other hand, you could just forget about it, create your own site and a Google ads campaign with a $20,000 budget and see if it works better.


Thanks for your input guys. This drop in sales is not uncommon so I also believe it will come right as it has always did. Well, while we are not busy delivering orders, we may as well review our Gigs and improve them, thing that we neglect when we are too busy doing other things :slight_smile:

I can also add another thing that I have done:

8 - I am creating new Gigs and replacing old ones. Fiverr loves lots of Gigs and new looks.


I agree with you eoinfinnegan. When I first activated the Package system on a couple of my Gigs, orders started pouring in, it is much after that that a drop in sales started to show, so I am not blaming the Package system at all as in fact it helps the prospect to make an easy choice and enables us to sell at higher rates.

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Excellent tips!

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thanks for sharing great tips.

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my sales are improving day by day… i have made changes today lets see how these changes works!

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Thanks a lot. I was worry about. I’m going to wait for a wile. My clicks going up and the same with my impressions.

Thanks again.

P.D. Do you have any post where I can read about promoting my gigs?


Hi, I do received orders from my repeat buyers but not for a new clients. Maybe the reason behind this is that my gig can’t be found in fiverr search and orders are dropping so badly.


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Thanks a lot for sharing that awesome piece of information. Does these steps will also improve your visibility in fiverr search results?

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Wow is your field so competitive that click prices on google ads are over 2,50 on average?

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