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Have Your Sales Decreased? Read This Tutorial Before Complaining! [ARCHIVED]

Have you noticed that your sales have been decreasing or a new Fiverr update slowed down your sales? Its okay don’t worry, it is not the end of the world. My name is Joseph Elatawani and I have been doing Growth Hacking sessions and seminars for years with; Canada’s leading research and development in Technology for small businesses. Also, depending on which seminars you attend, I discuss many Growth Hackers techniques to help all you brilliant businessmen and businesswomen increase your sales. I’ve been getting lots of people venting out about a new update that have decreased there sales or even just there sales decreasing out of the blue. Well, happy holidays; everyone gets a free gift by reading this article.

Don’t get mad or start blaming Fiverr for ruining people’s sales by changing the algorithms to their system. A matter of fact, Fiverr is just making sure everyone is happy and everyone gets a good taste of how sales feels like. Fiverr main goal is to have genuine sellers sell their services to the right targeted audience. How unfair would it be if the old-high-rated-users were always at the top ranks and always featured and they had the head-start to dominate the ‘Fiverr-Market’. Pretty unfair right? A business runs off of building clients and maintaining your clients. Just because you are on Fiverr doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the mind-set of a real business. This goes to new and old sellers. Becoming highly customer-centric with excellent relationship building skills through working closely with the consumers and acquiring new active users will really benefit your sales.

Here are five ways to increase your sales on Fiverr:

This rule may just be the most important rule. Updating your videos is very important. What makes you think you intrigued every user that viewed the first video? There are many users that view your video and probably just never liked it. Well give yourself another chance and upload another one. What should be different in the updated video? You should always ask for feedback from your users. There is an amazing section on this forum where you can talk about your gig. How about asking people for feedback about the gigs appearance. Just be clear and to the point. There may be a gig that is a better offer than yours, but if you have a great video that is clear and concise, you will find your gig will continue to get more sales than your competitors.

This may be the oldest view ‘increaser’ in the books, although many people still fail to understand it. There are countless gigs out with titles such as “I will do seo for $5” or “I will do graphic design for $5”. These are NOT good titles! An improvement would be you doing some Fiverr research on many different gigs that are slowly growing. Please don’t copy other people’s titles, put some creativity into it and don’t set yourself for failure from the beginning. What are you doing research on? Well start looking for people that are selling similar services and find words on the internet that are more commonly used by users. If they use those words on google then they will for sure use it on Fiverr. Try the Question and Answer Titling (QAT) method. Ask yourself “how would I ask google this?" What do I put on a search form on a search engine or a random search form to seek what I’m looking for. Then check your results and ask yourself if everyone else asks the search forms the same thing. If so, just take those same words in your question and make it into your answer. Some people prefer to capitalize the strongest keyword in their title, because it is “eye-catching”, but is it professional? You can answer that by doing demographics analysis on Fiverr.

I’ve noticed many sellers on Fiverr are seeking a fling. That won’t work for long. Building a rapport with your clients will really help you stay connected with your clients. Start asking your current buyers if they would like you to update them on new and upcoming services you will be offering. Get their consent first, so it wouldn’t be considered as spamming. Also, taking a 2 minutes out of your day to sending a positive message or having positive conversation with your customer can really benefit you and could also gain great and effective customer feedback for future sales. Social Media is an effective way to communicate with your customers. Have them add you on your social media’s such as twitter. That will be more worth to you in the future then that one sale. Think long term. There is much more you can do then just asking for a great review.

So you’ve been doing great in sales but now its slowed down or it has come to a complete stop! Uhoh, what do we do now? Not to worry, there are many techniques you can do. You’ve tried some of the above methods and still haven’t went anywhere. What if it is time to make a sale and get your loyal customers back. There are many websites out there that offer free posting of sales. Such as Red Flag Deals for Canadians or even Forums.Deals for international. These forums are made to be the web engine of discounted sales! Before posting your sale, make sure that what you are offering is exactly what people are wanting in your discounted sale. Some people say it’s impossible to add a discounted sale to Fiverr. Well sorry to say, but it’s not. Adding a bit of extra effort to one sale by adding the worth of two sales in one can be considered discounted. The best way to build new clients is treat them like they are special! Post a gig that all new customers for ‘xvz’ seller will be eligible for this gig only. There you go you just got yourself some new customers and also the opportunity to have them follow you on future gigs through social media’s or blogs. After building your following base you can just start posting you sales there!

Yes people make it seem like being a Fiverr seller is a competition or an evil game. Nope it’s not. Always remember to keep a nice little percentage (such as 25%) for capital expenses. Use other people’s gigs on Fiverr to better your blogs that is promoting your gigs or even just the gig itself. There are sellers out there that can be very useful for you to promote yourself or even better your appearance to your gig. Be friendly, and have a great mind-set to the rest of your ‘co-workers’. Also when you purchased there service give them a nice review if you’ve loved their work, and tell them that if they ever need to use your service, you will take care of them the same way they did.

There are many ways to stay at the top or be at the top and I can keep going. Bring the entrepreneurial brain to life and be creative with your business. If you have any questions directly to me, please message me. If not, just help out your friends by sending them this article or just use the social media icons below to share it with your friends and followers.

I hope you all enjoyed this gift. Happy Holiday’s!

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Great article man, thanks! Liked it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Great article, I do believe this should always be the case anyway as you should always keep your gigs ‘freshened’ up to attract more or new customers.

After doing a analysis on sellers, I found that they tend to forget to do those things. Like the post if you thought it was a great article!


I agree, and try to differentiate yourself. If I search “book covers,” I get a ton of results, but if I search “christian book covers,” not so much. Some buyers will hire specialists. I get hired for both regular headlines and Teespring headlines for example.

Well I get the point about what you said that fiver algorithm is changed in what so ever manner and i do agree on most of the points which you said but what you didn’t mention is the experience that newbie is having …to get his first order.

It’s still the same and people having difficulty …pro may be having less sales but still he got his old clients but the issue at hands is for all the newbie which has joined fiverr and going through this issue.

I a logo designer and far away from country your mentioned anyway …i have updated my gig in so many ways and asked every single expert in my field … still the issue at hands remains …new people are not getting any sales and expressions, clicks are miserable next to nothing …

Thank you for this awesome article! It’s really helpful. But I have a question I want to ask but can I ask you not in public? thanks



Already got a sale from doing this. Thank man!

@fastcopywriter you are exactly right. Specialists and targeted ‘extra’ keywords really do help the buyer find the right seller. I indicated the QAT method on there as well. It is self explanatory but extremely useful!

@aizadsooban yes it might seem very difficult for Fiverr new comers, but it really isn’t. This article covers users that have been around for a longer period of time. As for the new comers, I will be publishing another article later. If patience is an issue you can always contact me and I will try my best to help out or you can request my Growth Hacking services if you message me.

@darrendesign Thank you, I’m glad you loved the article. I’m more then happy to answer your question. Just send me a message.

@quality_first You’re welcome! I’m glad this has been very beneficial!

thanks its helpful :slight_smile:

Reply to @sugarcode_ca: Thanks. What does QAT stand for? I do believe in keywords, but if I’m looking for book titles and your gig is called “creative writing,” I’m probably not clicking. Of course, some keywords won’t match with your gig title, but the main ones should.

@fastcopywriter “Try the Question and Answer Titling (QAT) method. Ask yourself “how would I ask google this?” What do I put on a search form on a search engine or a random search form to seek what I’m looking for. Then check your results and ask yourself if everyone else asks the search forms the same thing. If so, just take those same words in your question and make it into your answer." It works amazing for a larger database. Make your consumers life easy when they are searching for you. They are all prospects, people that are on here to buy something. Its up to you to make yourself visible for the right customer.

@saalaar05 You’re welcome! I’m glad you found it helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you for such a helpful article. This will be more helpful if you write any article for us, the newbies that can guide us getting our first order.

Thank you.

Reply to @sugarcode_ca: That’s a great insight. I think I’ve been lucky with most of my gigs. Except for Book Titles which used to get a lot of orders but now it doesn’t. How would a writer search for book titles? I would think he’d search “book titles,” yet I’m not being found anymore.

@atulan I’m glad you found this article very helpful. I have been getting a lot of people telling me to do a article for the Fiverr new comers. I haven’t got around in doing one. If you are interested in my Growth Hacking services such as this article. Follow the thread at the top and stay tuned. I might be working on one for the ‘newbies’.

Do you have a blog I can follow up? I think a lot of people found your article useful and probably looking for a blog that you can always keep us updated. Please and thank you :slight_smile:

@quality_first It is currently under construction, and should be released soon. It will be targeting Growth Hacking in general for online/offline businesses. Just like this article.

I’ve been receiving many messages of people asking to follow me at places. If you are interested, just shoot me a message and I will update you when the blog is complete.

Alright, just let me know when I can subscribe! Please and thank you :slight_smile:

Reply to @sugarcode_ca: Thank you for this great article and for motivating people to make a great things, I couldn’t message you so let’s forget about that, anyway I would like to help you as you help me with your advices and want to offer my services for free so if you need any help concerning to design don’t hesitate to ask I will make them for you absolutely free I will offer my services for free anyone who helps fiverr to become a better place.