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Haven’t got a single order

Hi everyone! I joined fiverr 2 months ago and I’ve not had a single order since. I even lowered my prices as I’m currently facing some financial difficulties.

Here’s my gig:

Some advice on how to start getting traffic and orders would be greatly appreciated!

I hope all of you are doing well in these tough times.

This is an easy one to answer. If you search Fiverr for ‘logo design’ you will find 126,236 gigs offering the service.

It can help to spell it out. That’s one-hundred-and-twenty-six-thousand-two-hundred-and-thirty-five competitors to you.

By my reasoning, the world does not need 126,236 logos designed today, this week or even this month - probably not even this year. That’s why you’re not getting any orders.

You are in probably the most overpopulated gig sector on Fiverr.

As the hours pass by, and more people read this thread, you’re likely to see loads of really rubbish advice come your way such as ‘market on social media’ and ‘respond to buyer requests’ and ‘use all 7 gigs’, etc. It’s all nonsense. Quite simply the demand is not in place to meet the supply of gigs offering logo design.


Do you happen to know how saturated the voice-acting sector might be ? I am just starting ( French voice over ) and hope to work hard on this side project.