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Haven't get a buyer after 5 months. Can you review my gig?

Hello friends, I want to share my experience. I started making gigs in mid-November last year. I make Instagram feed design services, but until now I haven’t found a buyer, I have done various ways, starting from sharing via social media, creating a portfolio on Instagram, and offering it through buyer requests but the results are still didn’t work. Even though I’m online every day. I also made a new gig but it still didn’t work. even though I really hope to get a little money from Fiverr to pay for my education. What should I do? Are friends willing to give tips for me? or review my gig? Thank you.


I think you should review your gigs again and update them by checking your competitors. Maybe you are missing some information which might be a key. You can also try a video thumbnail for your gigs. Check your impressions on daily basis and you will know how your gig is performing. If the impressions are going up day by day then sooner or later you are gonna get an order but if the impressions are not good then again make adjustments in your gig.


thanks for the advice, this is very helpful. I hope I get a customer soon

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