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Haven't got an order for almost a year

I made this account on Fiverr and established some gigs so that I could start something of my own. I wouldn’t say I have been advertising my gigs aggressively but I do post about them one in a while

Can you people let me know how do I improve my gig impressions and clicks or get some orders at least?


You haven’t received an order for a year but I want to tell you that you are not a regular on Fiverr because if you have a regular you will get the order. Fiverr buyers are always looking for online sellers. Always try to stay online. Then I hope you will get the order very soon. Thanks.


Try to rank your gigs on right keyword. Keywords which already people searching on fiverr.


Your last delivery was 23 days ago and it doesn’t seem like you have any active orders, but hey, that’s all good as long as you keep sharing the same old bad advice, right?

@scyp101 To be honest after looking at your gigs I’m not sure how you spent a year just waiting for orders to arrive, the descriptions seem like they took 5 minutes to write, at most, and you aren’t really showcasing any work. Some of your image says “wrecked designs” and others say “iSpeak” on them so I’m quite lost as to who you are as a brand or if you just took these from some page online.

All the gigs are in saturated markets and the titles don’t really do much to separate you from a sea of “designers” so I’d say study the market and find your place in it.


Can YOU let us know what did you do exactly to try to improve your gigs? Have you made any research?

@kometbeats I wasn’t sure what was I was doing wrong with my gigs there, I tried researching when I was making my gigs but I didn’t find anything useful. I think the reason to that was I did not know what I was looking for. By reading what you said, I might have catch a glance to what to do now.

As for your guessed claim that I took those photos off from some page, I did not do that. All of of those picture are designed by me. “iSpeak” was an event I designed posters for and “Wrecked Designs” is a potential brand I am working on. I think I have to separate both of them because I think I know what mess I have created. Thank you

@mjaninea I looked up some articles online and almost all of them I found was about using SEO tags and stuff. Others were related to how to setup gigs, description, and etc

My gigs aren’t perfect to be honest and I know that . I have put up this post so that people can look up my gigs and explain my what was I doing wrong and what should I do to improve them

Please do some edits of your profile like pictures, metadata, title and others. I am sure you will see the improvement in ranking as well as in getting orders. Thank you!

I will do that, thank you!

I think it’s the same if you opened your store and no one bought your item. Why is there no sales, you ask? Everything is simple, either the product is of poor quality, or you are selling something that no one needs.

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thank you so much. I read this article. And I understand my mistake. Thank you very much.

I understand my mistake. Thank you very much.

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Hello @scyp101
Practice makes a man perfect… I don’t think you tried well.
It also seems that you have less knowledge about Fiverr Marketplace.
Just keep trying with proper knowledge… I hope you will get order very soon…
Best of Luck :heart:

Buyers are always trying for an online seller. Keep it up.

If that is true then why do I get half of my orders per day when I am asleep. :thinking:

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