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Haven't got any luck lately


I know I’m too early for sales but I just feel that I’m not haveing enough luck. Haven’t got a sale yet. Is there anything I can do to improve my gig. I have two gigs but I really would like someone to purchase my biro protraites because they are fun to make. I have tried to promote my gig on tumblr and twitter and Facebook. But nothing.


Don’t worry Superfunart…!! me too a newbie

U Just focus on Fiverr Forums And Your Gig Promotion …!!

you will definitely get better results…!! :x


Add videos, perhaps make a “quick-draw” video of one of your drawings for both gigs? Videos help tremendously with exposure and if you’re in the category, you can get at least some initial exposure from them. :slight_smile:


It actually took me around 4-5 months before I even got my first gig, I must say that I didn’t go around promoting though, I kind of just forgot about the gig but then someone ordered from me and once you get your first one with a good rating, then usually more will follow. One day I got handpicked as a front page gig and the sales were flying in then as the exposure was phenomenal around 75k people saw it on the front page and got around 30 orders in those few days. So definitely just have a little patience i’m sure promoting it will help speed up the process. Good Luck :slight_smile:


Reply to @freelancemm: good idea, i recorded one of my drawings for my youtube channel, ill just make it shorter and talk over.


Reply to @knightartist86: thanks very good advise. yeah i just need that one buyer to open the door and make the orders flow. on my portrait ive got 600 something views and 50 something clicks… i thought that was alot! but i guess I need more for someone to buy. defiantly going to do more promoting from now on. thanks.


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