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Haven't got any order since i started

Not sure what is wrong with my gigs … they are customized clear and precise in terms of services being provided and deliverable(s). No grammatical mistakes in offers, i have sent offer exactly what the buyer needs.

I got only two replies from buyers who were interested but after showing them the sample in chat one said his boss is not interested and 2nd buyer said they hired someone else with some additional services.

I have sent 53 offers to buyers request … have shared gigs on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, WhatsApp chat groups and individuals to share among their contacts.

Still No Orders. What am i doing wrong … suggestion please. Thanks in advance


@mazhartalpur be patient, don’t give up

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@thili96 im not giving up, all im asking is what m i doing wrong … m i on the right track ?

Only you know what “the right track is”, because only you know what your personal business goals are, and what steps you are taking to achieve them.

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@jonbaas thanks for the comment.