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Haven't got any orders yet

So, hello there!

I opened fiverr account about two months ago, and I still haven’t got any orders yet. Not even a single one.

So, should I quit? Or should I just keep waiting? Is it always this hard at beggining?

Here is my gig:

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Hi and welcome.

You can quit, if that’s how you roll. Or you can read the following Forum Topics and apply the knowledge and principles of many other successful Sellers. Good luck.


Hi again.

Honestly your gig is average. You need to amp it up to compete on Fivver, especially in the niche and category you’re in.

  • Your gig description and images do not match or support your gig Title.
  • Your bio profile does not establish credibility or trust.

    Read the topics prescribed above.

Thank you for your help

Make a video for each gig and make a good graphic with infos about your services than you need to promote via social networks.