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Haven't got my first order till now

I am a new seller and haven’t got any orders till now. Can you help me to sell these gigs friends?
just check out these:

  1. I will edit photo, transparent background, skin tone and retouch with the best quality
  2. I will remove background, retouch and do photoshop editing
  3. I will be your virtual assistant for data entry and web research
  4. I will copy and paste any kind of data typing work

Or if you have any suggestions, about how to improve my gigs?
Moreover, why I’m not getting any buyer requests on these gigs?


I would shorten up the titles to be more concise for one. I would also change up the diction and grammar of your description.


Hey pmsajam,
I work professionally as a graphic designer.

I think you need to describe yourself more generally in Photoshop.
I might call if “Image Editing in Photoshop: remove background or create clipping path, adjust skin tone, general image editing”

Then, the VA data work is SO different than Photoshop, you should probably have a separate listing or something for that? Posting both the VA work along with the Photoshop, makes you seem too “casual”.

That is my two cents! :slight_smile:


hey @brenna_n thanks for your suggestion, but how would you do that?

thank you so much @lumad13 I would definitely add these.

The edit photo…isn’t good, redo the photo…
Remove backgrounds…original looks better…redo photo
Va redo…not enough content…use all the characters
Copy and paste…I’m not sure what you are offering

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Thanks for your suggestion @jocelynsteward, but I wanted to do kind of va also. Shouldn’t I do that?

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In my case, customers laugh in my face, I give viable proposals to what they are looking for and they even treated me as “Illuminati” and just stop talking to me … it’s really frustrating.

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