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Haven't gotten even 1 order


I don’t really understand what I am doing wrong. Everyone says to be ‘patient’, but it’s been about a month now without even contact.

Is it because I’m /too/ different from other artists on here? I’ve seen what people wanted and it’s just about nothing I do. I’m thinking about opening another Gig, but I don’t think that’ll even help.

I check the “Buyer’s Requests” all the time and send offers when there’s one that looks like I can do.


To be honest with you, I do not like your gig photo. That might be the reason why you are not getting any orders. Maybe change the photo on your gig and see if you will get an order :wink: Good luck. A good gig photo for a art designer/illustrator seems to be the key to getting order :wink:


Reply to @annai80: Thank you!


I find that sometimes you have to prop up your favorite gigs with other ones. For example, my ghostwriting gig by far gets more sales and more upsells than any other gig I try. Writing is not really my favorite task because I need to write for the buyer’s needs even though I’d rather be writing only on my interests! On the other hand, I love creating presentations but my sales aren’t as good for those. I don’t even have that gig up right now because I’m re-doing it. So, I keep writing to bring in traffic and groceries and on the side I keep working on my presentation gig.

Some people here can even make a living with 1-2 gigs that they love doing, but I’m not one of those yet. You might think about creating some gigs you could handle that buyer’s want. Use those to get people to your profile and get you some cash. Illustrations for children’s books maybe, or something totally different like VA tasks? You never know, then, your favorite gigs could take off later and you could cut out the others. Just a thought!