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Haven't gotten my first order yet but still positive

I’ve had different gigs since 2 months ago and not a single oder.Help! What am i doing wrong?

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Hmm, tell my your profile

I am a kenyan writer from Nairobi, Kenya and i specialize in writing articles, video editing and photo editing.

For the “I will write for you articles for a blog” gig maybe “this gig” at the start of the description could be “This gig”.

In the video editing gig the gig video has a watermark that says it’s the free version. Maybe that could put buyers off (eg. they wouldn’t want a watermark on their edited version). If you have a bought version maybe output a gig video without that watermark.

In the “I will provide written splendid written content” gig, maybe you only need “written” once in the title. In the description maybe check punctuation (eg. “…and work will…” could be “…and others. My work will…”).

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Thank you for your help .So helpful, i’ll correct my mistakes on my gigs.

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