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Haven't received any order yet


I want to know how to advertise my gigs so as to receive orders


Hi, it is tricky and at the same time epic. all you need is to share your gig to a number of social networks like Facebook,LinkedIn, twitter ,and for sure you will get an order


Start with Fiverr academy and keep on reading, searching on the community. You will learn a lot this way. Wish you good luck :slight_smile:


It took me a whole month before I made my first sale. What helped was coming to the forum and fiver academy to learn what has worked for more experienced sellers. Keep polishing up on your gig as you learn more and you will soon get an order [quote=“veralucy, post:1, topic:95800, full:true”]
I want to know how to advertise my gigs so as to receive orders


I’ve got no sales either, and cannot even find my gig when I search for it, so I don’t think I’ll make any sales. :frowning:


Carefully word your proposal. Convince and woo buyer with your writeup.


I haven’t got any order yet too. But I am trying my best. Hope one day it start with flourishing colors and then …


@badartagar & @veralucy & @kadenlg:

WeIl, I think one of the problem is that you don’t seem to exist on Fiverr. I don’t know what’s going on, but when I typed in your user names in the search engine to look at your gigs:

“We didn’t find any results for your search.”

And yes, I do know how to look up sellers on the gig page. I do it all the time, matter of fact, I’ve done it like two dozen times just today.


I also didn’t see any results when I entered your username in search box. If you want to see my details, then use urls like this:
I am still studying Fiverr, will improve. I am also creating new gigs, am going to be active on Fiverr too.
Wish you best of the luck!


Why do you think this is the case? I seem to be in the same shoes? @gina_riley2


@badartagar: I am not a seller, therefore I do not have a gig and will not pop up.

If you are a seller and do not pop up on the search list - then that may be a problem.


@amandawallace88: On this forum, on the top right:

  • Click your icon
  • Click your name
  • Click Preferences
  • Scroll down to Web Site: enter your Fiverr account. (or whatever your username is).

That way, I can click your profile link from this forum


Weird, when I put in the names of Level 1, 2 or TRS; they pop up without any problem.

When I type in the names of Level 0 Sellers, nothing comes up unless I type in the whole

Must be a glitch.


Hi, I am Neeraj Kumar also working on Fiverr. I got my first after 3 months of joining. Now wait.


Thank you @gina_riley2. I just did that. Does that now mean that other users would find it easier to locate me now? That I’ll have more sales?


Congrats ! glad your hard work and patience paid off, you did not give up and here you got your first order. Wish you good luck for your future sales :slight_smile:


I know, that’s also what happens when I type my username, and that’s a problem as well. I’ve contacted customer support about my gig not showing up problem, and they said they forwarded it to their editorial team or something, so I’m just waiting for another reply.

I also did that thing that you suggested, putting my Fiverr profile link in the “Web Site” box in preferences.


@amandawallace88: It means other sellers and buyers (on this forum) will have an easier time locating your gig to give you advice, if needed.

Edit (add on): Congratulations, Amanda, it looks like you have two orders in your gig. I favorited one of your writing gigs for the future use as well.

You have an exceptionally well done gigs with flawless writing skills. I wish you the best!


You’re right I just looked up the OP and they don’t even have any gigs up.


The OP seems to have disappeared from the forum.

SIGH If you’re gonna ask for help then at least have a gig up for people to see and stick around long enough for people to give advice. :unamused: