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Having a business besides Fiverr

Hello there Fiverrers,

I have a question that might have a simple answer, which I might be able to find in the ToS or something, but yes; I’m too lazy to find the exact answer in there.

How does it work when you’ve started a business on Fiverr, and you want to start that same business outside of Fiverr?
So in my case:

I translated for quite a while now and have gotten quite many reviews. I now would like to attract customers outside of Fiverr by creating a website etc. Creating the website is of course no problem, but am I allowed to link my Fiverr page on my website for example? And am I allowed to use the reviews on my website as well? (maybe without names of the reviewers?).
I know that I’m not allowed to send the link of my website to someone who approaches me on Fiverr.

Thanks in advance!



I think you can add you Fiverr page on your website ( I’m not 100% sure about that, maybe you should ask CS ).
About reviews, you can add them if you remove buyers names, so that only stars and text is visible.

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Thank you for your reply!
I think I will indeed contact CS, just to be sure.