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Having a good time with Fiverr!


Though, I’m not earning much , I’m having a good time selling and buying gigs on Fiverr. You guys have done a great job. I’m getting my works done with just a gig and selling my gigs at the same time. The most income generating gig happen to be my graphics related gigs … like creating CD cover , making Ebook cover , Editing Picture etc …

Though there is a huge demands for such gigs , it’s time consuming . So, Finally I’ve decided to sell only digital product like content database like quotes, sms , recipe , etc etc … and its doing well … !

Fiverr … Thanks a lot for making things happen…

All the best !

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Thank you for your post and happy to read an upbeat postive post about an experience, I wish you continued success


Yeah you can do those graphic stuff when you get free time…your move is smart…!