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Having a hard time getting quality work, even when paying much more

I have been trying to get a badge designed for an upcoming show we have, and we have no graphic designers so I use fiverr quite a bit. My first few transactions were awesome, but lately, no one does quality work, everything is so generic. I try to only contact people with high feedback and reputations, I use both overseas and US designers…

This week for example, I contacted a level 1 seller with my idea, asking to do 3 badges, but please only 1 first so I could look at it and make changes, and then the other 2 which would be small variations from the first.

I listed 5 requirements. We agreed on $90. After three days, seller gave me badges that were circles with my logo and my first name. Totally unacceptable, I literally could have fired up MS paint, drawn a circle, added my logo and name myself. That’s all the badge was, and for $90. No subject matter from the requirements (I asked for a radio tower in the background), not even the right size (rectangle 4" x 3" as requested). I responded, "Hey, not sure if you saw the requirements in the bullet points, but this isn’t what I requested at all."

Seller cancelled, said he had internet issues. Yeah right. But now I see I can’t even leave feedback?? I understand sellers probably need protection from overly demanding customers but that doesn’t seem right to me.

Bummed. Time to find a new service.

Seller cancelled because of “internet problems.” Yeah right. Seems like an easy scam to me.

If you have used Fiverr successfully and your first transactions were awesome, why didn’t you go back and use those same sellers?

Also, if you want to see one design first, then pay for one design and then pay for 2 more. I think splitting things was a bit of a problem as well, saying just do one first, then the others.

I am curious what were your 5 requirements?

Hey Sincere,

I can see where you’re going with this… And it’s a little discouraging.

My requirements were size (4x3 inches), shape (rectangle), and a small amount of info for the concept (radio tower in the background), none of which were followed. The other two requirements had to do with placement of our logo.

This from a Level 1 seller, and of course I can’t leave feedback because she cancelled the gig.

My first transactions were with people who didn’t perform the same kind of work (scripting letters).

I’m not that customer. It’s frustrating to pay so much, have your money held for 3 days, now it’s on fiverr and I can’t remove it without going thru a process, and I can’t even leave feedback. So this seller will remain a Level 1 seller. And I’m sure some people let her keep the cash she charges. This is not a $90 design on any planet, and not even remotely close to the reqs. I sent over.

(Edit to add I sent her our logo, she didn’t design it.)

I guess, you’ll really have to dig deeper in the search results and look at the seller’s samples that you like the style of or choose sellers of higher levels… You wouldn’t want to leave that $90 of Fiverr credit hanging…sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you’ll find the right seller in time…

Try and post a buyer request! Good luck.

Was that the design above? Looks good to me.

jonbaas, if a professional designer completely disregarded basic requirements I don’t think he or she would be hugely successful. That said, sure, there are firms out there that charge a lot for graphic design, but if you remove our logo which I sent her, and our font which I also sent her, we have a circle and two lines in the most predictable design.

Thanks theratypist, appreciate that it sounds like you understand where I’m coming from.

steveeyes, it’s not an unattractive design, but it didn’t follow my requirements at all. It’s not 4"x3". It’s not rectangular. It doesn’t have the elements I requested (and sent over an example for)

Guys, I think the point here is a seller churned out something generic without reading requirements at all, and I can’t leave any kind of honest feedback. It’s deceptive for buyers who are trying to find someone quality to work with. Buyers should be allowed to leave honest feedback, especially after waiting for a design for three days and paying 18x a seller’s basic gig, with a level 1 seller I might add. The agreed on price isn’t even as big of a deal as the other aforementioned issues…

Thanks for all your comments.

Thanks for that response Jon, appreciate the comments. I feel like I’ve been diligent at being clear in my communications with sellers (short notes, bullet points, example photos, simple language), but maybe you’re right, maybe I can be communicating more effectively.

I don’t think it’s fair to say “there is no order” after being refunded. There was an order. There was an initial email, an agreement to price, funds transferred, design requirements, a three day wait, and no communication from seller. That’s an order regardless if the designer chooses not to complete the order after the fact. As a buyer, I would appreciate reviews left for this type of thing, so that I would know what to expect when browsing designers to work with.

What if this keeps happening with my $90 that I am forced to recycle thru Fiverr? Where is the buyer protection?

I think sellers should be protected from over demanding buyers, but I think the buyers too should be protected from contracting work with individuals who churn and cancel.

For the record, when I saw the work, I wrote back a quick, “Hey this wasn’t what I was looking for, can you check the bullets please,” because I genuinely thought maybe she had missed them, although there was only one note. She responded, “internet issues, canceling.” No apologies, no nothing. I would not be surprised if this was her whole business model. That’s not right that I can’t leave feedback.

The truth is, if an order is refunded, that order has, essentially, been erased, and is no longer a valid order within the Fiverr system. If the seller does not keep your purchase price, the seller has not been paid (because he/she returned the money to you), and there is no longer a service contract in effect. No service contract means… no order.

And without an active, valid order, buyers are unable to leave feedback.

The issue of increased buyer protections has been brought up many times. It’s a valid concern for many sellers. But that’s a discussion for another forum.

If two people have committed to a service agreement, that transaction should be afforded feedback. Period.

Maybe sellers should be able to leave feedback for buyers too.

I can see where you’re coming from Jon, and I appreciate the dialog. I’m happy to agree to disagree. Time to get outside in the sun a bit. Hope you have a nice day.

Unfortunately, there are sellers ranked higher than level 1 who wouldn’t have the said rating if it was possible to leave negative reviews after cancelling. Sorry to hear about what happened to you, but at least you got your money back and can find someone else. If the artist is really a scammer, I can’t see how anyone would leave a positive review on his gig unless they have simple tasks or are friends. Anyone who doesn’t get what they want will probably cancel. Although, there’s always the possibility they really had some real life problems, internet or not.

Reply to @austinkish:
Actually, I hate to add more depression to your commentary, but, many professional design firms will charge a lot more than $90 for a simple image like that.

Reply to @austinkish:
When it comes to many professional design firms, it is what it is. I have no interest in arguing the quality of design firms. They can charge whatever they feel their services are worth, just as you agreed – presumably after researching the above noted designer’s skills and services – that $90 was a fair price for his/her services.

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get what you wanted from your seller, but that’s a communication issue between the two of you. And, since your purchase price was returned to you, it would appear that everything has been returned to how it was before the order. You have your money back, and you have the ability to research and find a better designer who can complete your order more to your intended vision.

When you accept a refund here on Fiverr, you cannot leave a review (because there is no longer an order to review). That’s how it works on this site. You have two choices, accept your money back and move on to find another better seller, or let the seller keep your money, and leave him a bad review.

Reply to @austinkish:
Perhaps, but that’s not how it works here on Fiverr. Sometimes you just have to take your refund and move on to another seller. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the sun!

Reply to @jonbaas: I agree, but I was going to say, here on Fiverr, I do not think they should have been paying anywhere near $90. Especially a newer/level 1 seller. NOt that I do not think theyare talented, everyone has to come through the ranks, but from what they said it doesn’t sound like they should have paid $90

Reply to @austinkish: Ok, I believe you that you are “not” that guy, was just kind of checking in, because so often when people order graphic design work, many tht have never ordered that kind of work, go do down this path.

Also as a side note, when you told the requirements for the concept, it’s a concept just that a conceptual idea, I would not think a concept of radio tower in the background actually means please put a radio tower in the background. I’m kind of curious to see one of them.

Reply to @austinkish: I do agree, and this does happen that some sellers cancel the jobs so they do not get bad ratings.

As for your $90 on Fiverr, it’s the terms of service that state that, so it’s something to be aware of that any refunds only go back to Fiverr credits.

BUt I do not think it will happen to you over and over. There are good sellers out there. Just pay for one to start maybe $10-15, which if it’s just a simple rectangle I am not sure why it would be that much money anyway on here. And maybe try a Level 2 seller.

Also, you say you gave bullet points, but you also mentioned that you gave them “concepts”, but also that they didn’t do bad work, just not what you wanted. A little confusing.

By the way, was this a native English speaking seller? Sometimes language barriers are an issue. Tha’ts why it’s always best to send emails to a seller before you place an order. Even if you are just ordering their basic gig plus an extra or two and you do not really need to email them, it’s good practice as you will get a sense of their communication style.

Reply to @sincere18:
The thing is “should” isn’t really the issue. Both the buyer AND seller agreed to the $90 project price. Therefore, neither buyer nor seller can complain about the price. :wink:

Reply to @austinkish: yes, but part of the problem, just from the sellers pesepctive, is that if an agreement is cancelled, sometimes it really is the buyers fault. OFten there are langague barriers or buyers do not give proper details to do the job, so in cases like that it would not then be fair to let the buyers leave a negative rating for the seller. Just one other way to look at it. I’m not saying they system may not be flawed in some way, but there are many ways to look at this. I do not know anyway that it could be made completely fair.