Having a problem - Cancelled order


I am new to Fiverr and do not know much about its quirks. Let me explain my problem and perhaps you guys could provide me with some insight on this matter.

So I’ve set up a gig. I got my first order. Great so far! I delivered it within an hour and everything was alright.

The following day I go more orders. Even more great! However, after I delivered one of the orders, I got an email saying that there was a dispute on it and thus it was cancelled. Another email, just 5 minutes later, from Fiverr, saying that I got a new order from the same buyer.

So basically, I got an order from a guy, I completed it and then it was cancelled - and then he ordered it again.

What do I do now? Do I deliver my order and risk being cancelled again? Or what? :-S


Sometimes spammers did this kind of things to the new seller, they thought new seller dose not know much about fiverr, and did that w they want to do. something like you, he/she gave order for an article and you deliver the article, then he want to cancel the order and you canceled. Means he/she got that article as a free gift and order again. You should care about it. And you should must contact with Customer Support.

Sorry for my English. Thank you


I just sent the guy a message in which I asked him why the last article he requested got cancelled after I had delivered it.

I will take your advice and if he is to provide me with a less than adequate answer I will contact support.

I do not know however how long will it be until support decides to resolve my query, nor do I know what happens if I do not deliver my article on time (I got 24h to deliver).


I got 2 more orders after this, and the instructions are in the same manner as the first. Hell, the first guy was named kalam111, and then I get an order from makalam, and another from makilim or something similar. I really feel as if these guys are spammers. What can I do besides contacting support? I do not want to work for free…


Reply to @kjblynx: right