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Having a problem processing my order

Am trying to place an order which I have done, after connecting to paypal and back to fiverr for payment it display a message on the page (we are having a problem processing this order contact our support) send a email to me saying (Due to a technical problem, we couldn’t process your payment and start the order for the Gig ‘A custom project’.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and suggest that you try ordering this Gig again.) can i fix this so I can make payment for my order.

This should be a technical problem. Once one of my buyers had the same problem and I’ve contacted support team and they told me to ask buyer to contact them. So Please contact the fiverr customer support and submit this problem to them.

Fiverr Customer Support

fiverr has problem in procession order, is this problem in fiverr network.

this article is from Oct 2014, did anyone solve that?