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Having a problem with client, need advice

My gig is to design a logo and then design a wooden template just like the logo that I designed. So, basically, I gave him the the design, he accepted it then I proceed to make a wooden design and he liked it. The problem occurred on his website when he uploaded the image, it was too small. He told me about it, I sent him several different sizes, resizing the image for him, several times, changing the background to black,white and transparent sometimes. What should I do? I don’t want to cancel cause I did a lot of work and I don’t want to have a bad review either as this is my second order.


If you send him different sizes and you don’t find any problem in quality or resolution you can advice him to check if the website has Automatic Image Optimisation which actually decreases the quality of the image.
I don’t know what is the resolution of your work, but try to send him an Optimised Logo for the Web with less dpi and which doesn’t occupy much space.

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The images in the website depends on the resolution of the image and the size of the file. You should also check the DPI of the image that you are exporting. A websites majorly works on the DPI and size of the image (memory such as 2mb). Higher the mb the longer time websites will take to load and upload an image.

Further if working on these image properties does not work, check the the website bugs or coding errors, there might be some default settings while uploading which should be changed.

Already did that. Sent him images with less dpi and and of less sizes. Even compressed sizes of so many files just to make it work. Might be a problem in his website, I’m just worried about that I did all this work and if he asks for cancelling?

I don’t agree with your last words.
Checking for website errors/coding errors or settings is not part of his job. He may give it as advice that the problem may be in his website, but that’s it!

Yes, I made sure that the images were of less mb/size. I asked him to check his website settings but he doesn’t knows anything about it.

My job was to design a logo and then form it into a wooden template. I did that one too many times. He liked the logo and the wooden template.


Yeah, I know that. It is not a part of his job but he can advise the seller, this might play a crucial role from the buyer point of view and the review he might give. @daniyal_s just give him this advice. But remember that your gig is only about designing a logo.

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I’ve been giving him advice’s from yesterday, lol. Thanks though, I’ll keep that in mind when he’s back.Will surely forward that advice.

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