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Having a problem with editing my gig

I’d like to ask for a little help here, I tried editing one of my existing gig:

I replaced my Christmas edition with a Valentines day edition, and the photos and description seems to

be changed correctly, but when I checked the gig extra section, it still shows the Christmas gig extra.

(It’s the bottom one where it says I will hang bells)

I went to “edit gig,” unclicked that part, and deleted the whole section,

but after I clicked saved/continue, I realized that the bell gig extra is still there.

I am aware that some of the changes take a while to get displayed correctly, but I made the

changes last night which is about 10 hours ago, and the photo/description has been changed successfully, it’s just the gig extra where I am having problems.

I am sure I followed the correct steps to remove that gig extra, am I missing something?

Or is it just my PC?

Hi there

I noticed that if we make changes in gig again and again our gig goes down and down.

Due to make changes in my gig it’s disappeared.

So what i do. How I get back My Gig back

now i get no orders no clicks I mean nothing.

Please guide me

I will be very thankful to you

zeus777 said: I am sure I followed the correct steps to remove that gig extra, am I missing something?
Or is it just my PC?
I had that problem a week or so ago. After I made back up copies of the text, I deleted everything except the image, hard refreshed the page a few times and then replaced/added new. It was a bit annoying, but it worked.

I think I had to save the 'blank' gig to clear an error about 'repeating the same gig extra' at one point too. Then I just went back to into edit mode.

Sorry to be vague, I wasn't taking notes, just doing whatever it took to get it to work. :)
EDIT: I just noticed this was a resurrected, ancient thread. But interesting that the same issue is still happening, so I'll leave my comment in case it helps someone. :)

Reply to @dreamcatcher93: It’s possible that each time you edit your gig it has to be ‘re-approved’ by Support. That can take some time.

Hey Guys,

I’m new to Fiverr and also am having the same issues with editing and saving my gig. I paused it, thinking that maybe that would help…but it seems that nothing I do makes a difference. I’m wondering if I should just delete it and start again? Thanks in advance for any advice!

-Tina (the Fiverr newbie)