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Having a quiet streak of no orders!

It’s alright as it’s not like I have orders coming in every day, but it’s suddenly so quiet for whole 12 days now, which is new. I usually have a new order every other day or few, how about you? I’m not new nor veteran here, I’m in the first year, almost.

I even thought I might have accidentally turned on out of office mode. :smiley:

Also, another thing, lately people message about ordering and how they’re about to place an order, but message first and then disappear into thin air. Again, almost never happens, but now it’s like 3 or 4 people that haven’t ordered after all.

Having a strange downtime :slight_smile:


Our rankings on Fiverr change everyday. We have no control over it. All we can do is wait and apply to Buyer Requests. I know there are those that say to promote yourself, but I am not one who does.

I think that many times these type of messages are from people that want to see if I am gullible enough to send them a bit of free work or cheaper prices. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: At least that has been my experience.

Enjoy youre time off. :beach_umbrella:


Hello Artatei, I am new here as of two weeks ago. the next day after I set up my gig I got an e-mail asking if I could do a 400 word voice-over job. I replied for him to send me the details but no response yet. I sent 1 reminder e-mail today asking if he got his 400 word order filled, so I’ll see.

I hope your dry spell clears up. :slight_smile:


Same has happened to me.

I’ve been on Fiverr for quite some time and had a few experiences with dry spells but nothing like this.

Even though I had no cancellations, late deliveries, or reviews under 5 stars my impressions have dropped consistently for the past few months to a crazy low in the last few days.

From what I can tell there are a few sellers with hundreds of orders in their queue and the vast other majority bareilly have a few or none.

My guess is they are rotating gigs around based on a new algorithm and in cases like this there are always new victims so join the club.


Have you checked your gig position in search results?


I’ve noticed the same thing for the first time ever. Lots of very interested questions, but then nothing. And they say they are about to order. It’s quite unusual for me.

I think it’s the large intrusive thumbnails of other gigs on our gig pages doing it.


Yes I did and for most keywords without applying filters I have a very hard time finding myself.

However this has been the case with my gig for years now but every once in a while (2 or 3 times a month) I was experiencing spikes in views and orders for example receiving 4 orders within 24 hours and then days would pass with none. I can only assume that for a limited amount of time my gig was on the first page or such.

After researching other sellers I find that (logo category, first few pages, general keywords):

  • a huge bunch of gigs have 0 orders on queue
  • a much smaller number of gigs have up to 3 orders on queue
  • a much smaller number have 5-25 orders on queue
  • maybe 4-5 sellers have 400-800 orders on queue

I find it very hard to believe that those particular 4-5 gigs are organically so much better then everything else.

That’s just my two cents.

Many sellers (including me) have been experiencing this. Around a month and a half ago, Fiverr apparently changed their algorithm which caused many gigs to go to the last page. I haven’t received a order for around 2 weeks now.

From what I read on this forum:

  • You must have perfect stats over the last 30 days
  • No negative or 4 star reviews within that timeframe
  • No late orders

If not, your gig would have gone to the last page.

I would say my stats are pretty good. But even back when they were impeccable the views started dropping inexplicably.

These are my stats now


After reading everyone’s responses, looks like it’s not just me. Also, I want to mention that my best seller, that always gets decent orders AT LEAST once a week - still has the same great impressions, views, clicks but no orders for 2 weeks. It’s even on the first page when searched in the search bar.

I can’t say my views have dropped for gigs. I always have a couple bad performers whatever I try to do for them and the other - good performers. And even with this quiet streak, the views for the good ones are not downdown. They’re just sitting. No orders. So weird! I even updated SEO for a few of them, as it was lacking, but nothing.

I have recently reached Level one seller and all my statistics are pure green and great. But. Nothing!

I’m in the exact situation you’re in. My impressions, clicks, etc have gone up to around 1k impressions and 30 clicks per day with .30% conversion rate. That is ridiculous low considering that it used to be 6% percent. I’ve also heard some other people saying that they were getting messaged with questions, and after responding, they got no response back.

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It’s ridiculous. I’m now in over 2 weeks of ZERO orders and green stats, what the actual eff? Still the messaging happens, but order is never placed, at least 4 different kinds of order messages and no orders. OMG. I’m ACTUALLY losing income, this is a first.

I’ll probably start offering free gig extras or free upgrades just to get some orders. What I think is happening is that our gigs are getting ranked differently, which is reaching out to a different type of audience, I’ve got a pretty unusual order yesterday and the questions are different from what I usually get.

Strange, real strange.