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Having a slight meltdown need advice

I have a buyer who ordered my Gig along with an Extra Fast addition. So I thought, “Sweet! That’s $10 in one go.” However, it’s turning out to be a problem.
They told me they want a quick brief before proceeding and included their Skype account. (Actually, they’re not sure which username they use in Skype so they put two variations of their username.) They also sent me a link to a live chatbot.
So I asked them what they want me to do since my Gig is about making a chatbot and they’re showing me a chatbot. I also told them that I don’t own a Skype and I’m not entirely sure if it’s allowed within Fiverr TOS to talk to them there. Also, I told them that they could have messaged me before they ordered if they wanted a consultation or have questions. Then, I clicked the link they sent me to look at the chatbot mockup as they call it. Problem was, it wasn’t in English so I have no idea on how to proceed.
Then, they replied, "It’s a survey bot."
Umm… Ok. That was fairly obvious what with the title and all. So I more or less just said, “Yeah, that was what it said. What am I supposed to do with it?” (Not actual words)
They replied that it’s a multi choice survey.
At this point, I was getting frustrated. We were getting nowhere in our conversation and the clock is ticking. But I decided to push through and ask them what they want to include in the chatbot. Like what kind of questions do they want it to ask and what kind of answers they’re expecting from the users.
They asked for a standard template they could use.
So I sent them a few screenshots of some mockup bot I made and told them that something similar to that or to the pics in my Gig page would work. I told them that basically I need a script or dialogue for the bot to follow. Even gave an example like: chatbot says this, user does this, chatbot replies with this, etc.
Their reply was that the link they sent me was a live example of what they need and that it was made in another software/platform and if i could copy it using chatfuel and that I just need to copy the exact same interaction and that they bought my Gig because they can’t do tit themselves.
That’s all well and good. But the problem is that I can’t understand what the bot is saying and I have no idea what context they’re talking about and told them as much. I also told them that they’re going to have to write it all down for me. Partly because I can’t afford to try the bot myself and partly because it starts asking for a location at some point and I have no idea why that’s happening nor am I willing to find out by clicking that button without understanding what the heck is the bot talking about.
They’ve just replied that they’ll send a translation (which I never really asked for).

I’m contemplating cancelling the order because it looks like we’re really going nowhere and I’m getting really, really frustrated trying to explain what it is I need. So should I just cancel the order or should I persist and keep trying to explain to them what I need?
Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading if you’re still here.



Choice is yours.

My advice is cancel it. It sounds fishy, plus you are not familiar with the language.


Thanks. I skimmed over it before when I had an order that required email addresses (It’s cool. I just needed them to know where the chatbot should send stuff.) to make sure I’m not breaking any rules so I more or less know about the not allowed to communicate outside Fiverr thing. But, yeah, I really need to read that properly. Thanks for the link! :grinning:

How do I cancel orders? Through the Resolution Center?

Yes, through Resolution Center or you can also cancel it through customer support.

Alright. Thanks again.
I’ll do that in a few minutes. Just need to calm down a bit first.

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Yes cancel the order! You can’t do this job obviously so why wait?

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