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Having a specialized skill

Have been on fiverr for 2yrs and i have a skill in electrical designs.I tried seeking out knowledge through the fiverr community and learning how things work here but I found out it’s quite difficult getting contracts with a specialized skill.Have been getting several buyers request but it’s Alway based on architectural and not my area of specialization.I was sent a personal inbox message concerning a project from Estonia but it had nothing to do with my skills.Have tried going through other top profiles that had same skills like me too on fiverr to learn a few things from them but it’s not yielding any results.Have tried the social media and it’s still the same.
Pls I need help concerning this and I will also appreciate if it can be possible for fiverr to look into this and make it easy for people like us with a special skill on this platform

I will suggest you acquire more skills, probably the ‘specialized skill’ is quite not in demand here.
Since you work with AutoCAD, maybe you shouldn’t limit it to electrical drawings alone.

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@xtivity thks but am a specialist that majors only on electrical engineering field and I don’t like the idea of being a jack of all trade.Is like being a medical doctor and also trying to be a programmer.If I can’t get a niche here will probably get it else where.