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Having bad experience with Fiverr Support Team

Dear Fiverr team,

I wanted to let you know that I had submitted a support ticket about a month ago (approx.) I got auto-generated response from Yoav which said I’ll have to wait upto10 business days max as fiverr team is busy with other reports. I didn’t mind that. Usually, my support requests are answered within 24/48 hours. But this was not answered at all. When I checked back after like 9-10 days. I found no response so I made a reply to put a reminder. After a few days, I found my support request is auto-marked as solved, which was and is not true at all. I re-submitted the same ticket as new. The same happened.

As you already know, the deals are made in first 30 minutes of the project discussion in the freelancing market. Such behavior from fiverr team is never expected. Thanks to my client for being much supportive and co-operative. As he agreed to continue without getting our issue resolved.

The purpose of creating this topic is to seek the attention of fiverr team and, not to de-motivate any user or show hate towards fiverr. I’ve been working on fiverr since 2k17 - as part time. I enjoy being a part of this community.

Assadullah Shaikh.

Fiverr CS doesn’t check the forum.