Having both a seller and buyer account?


There have been so many mixed answers to this question that it’s very hard to say which is correct. Fiverr knowledge base and terms of service says it’s OK, but it has said that about many other things as well that have turned out to be not OK. Support also seems to have replied it’s OK as long as all accounts are associated with different withdrawal providers. Yet someone said support replied it’s not OK.

"Your Fiverr profile can be associated with only one account from each Fiverr withdrawal providers. A withdrawal provider account can be associated with only one Fiverr profile."

So is it OK to create a second account that is used to purchase more personal gigs with, but not use it to sell gigs or have it linked to paypal. Purchases would be obviously made from the same paypal as the seller account is associated to. :(|)


My understanding is that each Fiverr account, whether a buyer only, seller only, or buyer/seller must be associated with a unique Paypal/Payoneer account. There are a number of married couples with separate accounts on Fiverr, so each must have their own Paypal account because Paypal accounts are always individual, not joint, accounts and each Fiverr account must be connected with a unique account. If one of them has a Payoneer account, that might be acceptable to Fiverr as long as the name is different than what is on the Paypal account the other one is using…

Since you say you’ve read different things in different places, if it were me, I would write to CS and get an answer in writing in case there’s a problem down the road.