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Having EARNINGS or TAX bug? Check this out

Before you create new topic, most of us are also experiencing those issues:

  1. Earnings bug, where your net income and other money values are not correct.
  2. Mandatory tax bug, where your gigs are supposed to be “paused” because you didn’t choose mandatory tax question.

Like I said most of us are experiencing this (if not everyone) and we all wait for Fiverr to solve this out. I experience both problems unfortunately.

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go to settings fill form W9 and please report back if this solves the issue.

No i already tried it, doesn’t work

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ok then it is a bug many people are reporting this

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There tech support stated there is bug with the W9 that was 2 days ago. It does not make any sense because I filled it out over a month ago my other 3 Gigs are active. Because of the hold up I cannot launch my new Gig. It does not make any sense. Logically if it is approved the first time it should apply to any new Gigs I create. I live in the USA