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Having IE bugs and site not working propperly

having so many problems it is funny for years I have used fiverr and with IE my IE auto updates each time there are any updates so I know it is the latest version but…

oh my!
this week I tried to enquire on some gigs I wanted to purchase - my inbox will not let me reply so the only way I can reply to anyone is to click their profile and click the contact button and a box opens and I can type and it will actually send unlike my inbox when you click send and nothing happens

I have managed to communicate with someone and agreed to work with a fiverr and now he has sent the custom offer and what happens? arghhhhhhhhhh I can’t go any further! I click the continue button and the page just sits there - nothing happens

I then tried to go through the help center and selected report bug - nothing happens so I contacted a friend and she came over with her laptop and she was able to go through the help center and report the bug for me when she selected report bug she was asked another question (I never got this as my page would not go any further)

I have to use IE I can’t use any other browser and it was working just fine - well until I needed it.
now I can’t even contact support, I don’t know how support will be able to contact me :frowning: so I thought of the forum - hopefully someone from support will either respond to my friend or respond here but either way we found out screaming at the scream did nothing but hurt our throats ha ha ha

I hope it can be sorted / fixed because I can’t accept the offer until it is :frowning:
any tips or ideas please let me know (please don’t say download another browser - I can’t)

Fiverr is made to work best with Chrome.


If you can’t contact support from the website you could contact them at email address but if your friend has already created a ticket for the bug they’ll probably want everything to be done in that ticket.

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