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Having issue with "I'm not a robot"


When i want to moving other page, it’s always showing GOOGLE “I’m not a robot” How can i overcome it?


Are you sure you’re not a robot? That’s step one…

</ kidding


#:information_source: Get a better ISP.


Google tries to figure out if you are a bot or not. If it’s in doubt, it serves you a CAPTCHA to check. Here are some ingredients I guess that they mix together:

Your IP: Has it been identified as a bot already? Is it a Tor exit node?

Sign in: Are you signed in to a Google account? Does that account appear to belong to a real person?

Your history: Google knows a lot of your browsing history. Bots usually don't have a browsing history.


I have used my own gmail account and it is my personal. So there have no doubt about real person.


I’ve been getting it lately as well anytime I open more than two Fiverr tabs at once. My ISP hasn’t changed, nor has my browser, and it’s never happened before this week. Now, it’s constantly. Very annoying.