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Having issues getting buyers. Any help?

I’m having issues getting buyers right now. Is there anything that you can tell me to improve and to start getting some buyers?

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Patience. You can always improve your patience. :wink:

And hard work. And promotion. And fine-tuning your gigs…


Alright thank you! Very appreciated for you taking the time to respond!


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


Agree with what @jonbaas says…

It took me 6 months before my work took off. Spend time looking through buyer requests and answer each one with honesty and make sure you don’t copy/paste an answer. Also make sure you only apply to jobs to can do.


Visit the Fiverr Academy to have a better understanding of how this platform works. Promote your gigs and regularly send offers to the BR.

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Hi photoswatch,

Nice to meet you. Where do I go to look through buyers requests?


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Go to the homepage on and make sure you are logged in.

At the top of the homepage you will see a numbers of headings. One of those will say ‘selling’.

Click on this and a drop down menu will appear… click buyer requests and that’s it :slight_smile:

Search a keyword on the right hand side


You are awesome!!!

Thanks so much!

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Hi, me again!
I saw offers but it seems that the sellers appear in the front page. I don’t actually see the initial request from the buyer.



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sellers post in there a lot when they aren’t suppose to, just hit “remove offer” and move on to the next one :slight_smile:


I heard there is a market where they sell buyers on sale, don’t remember the name the tho. :thinking:


Agreed with what @jonbaas said. Apply them and have patience. Have a successful journey here.
Cheers :hibiscus:


@uncarved is correct… Sellers do add offers in there when they should not

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Buyer requests are the key to get sales. Regularly respond to buyer requests you can do, if they do not give your order at least they will view your gig which will increase its impression so gradually it will start to rise in the search :grin:

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Actually, I don’t think impressions are a significant part of the search algorithm. Impressions are just a statistic that can help sellers benchmark the success of their gigs, and see how visible their gig listings are across the site.

I’m a new seller myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt. However, I’ve had 5 orders in the less than the week that I’ve been selling (was a buyer for a long time).

However, looking at your gig, your title is weak. Make it more specific. It doesn’t even mention ‘logo’.
Use more tags. You can use 5 of them. Make them strong.
Make your description stronger. What sets you apart from the other thousands of sellers who do logos?
Have more variety of pictures.
Add a video. I’ve read this really helps.
Are you promoting on social media?
Check for your spelling mistakes.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks, @vapeskorea and @hamza_asad

My gig is not about logos, it’s about translation. " I will deliver the best English Spanish translation ever"
But definitely will take your advise on making a stronger statement.
I really don’t like the “I will” which can’t be removed.

I have an Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn page where I posted the Fiverr gig.

I am looking at the buyers’ requests every morning, but nothing really comes up.
Anyway, patience!


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