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Having Issues with my Gig but why?

Hey everybody,

Im a professional UI/UX Designer and I decided I will start going to Fiverr Gig for Webdesign & Mobile Design. I checked out other people about their quality and thought I have a good shot getting “clients”.

Still I did everything that I thought was correct it feels like I dont get any impressions or clicks on my Gigs how much?



My prices are super cheap because I wanted to get some reviews first.

Would be nice if anybody could tell me if there are any Problems with my stuff?

Greetings from Germany


i`m sorry Your Gig images and video too Bad Quality and Not Showing any services you can Provide. Try to think from customer perspective and Improve it. I hope You will get a Job. Thanks.


With that Quality I was working for Big Companies like Microsoft, Audi, Volkswagen so I dont think thats the case but Im happy to hear why do you think its bad quality?

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so, you deliver two pages from the so many templates available for… $40?!

are you aware there are so many free WP and Wix themes? and for a whole site!

ps: oh, and you say this is super-cheap. it’s not. super-cheap would be indeed $5…

I think you dont have any idea how much those things usually cost outside of the Fiverr. For my clients I charge 40$ per hour and you are trying to tell me I should sell this for 5$? Lets say it takes 5 hours with research, analyze, wireframing and designing I should make 1$ per hour?

Wordpress and Wix are super limited or why do you think there are agencies only doing websites? Weird that apple is not creating everything with wix … facepalm

I have a very good idea :), but if you just start as a seller, it doesn’t matter what’s your typical rate outside fiverr, you must understand how this cheap dollar store works.

You have to come up with very basic cheap gigs for which you can provide some automated work and they take only a few minutes. That’s how you attract people here. Then you gradually add packages and extras for volume and more effort.

Problems with impressions usually mean bad keyword SEO. Your gigs are not listed enough, maybe because you didn’t used enough words people use in the search.

Problems with clicks (when you have enough impressions) could mean there are many gigs like yours.

Beware also the gig analytics are refreshed once a day.

This is not true. It once was, but starting out offering gigs at $5 is, one of the fastest ways to fail on Fiverr these days.

It might work for a while. However, this strategy is not sustainable in the long-term. Fiverr gives new sellers a ranking boost This gets them on the first pages of sarch results for a few days or weeks. Being on the first pages means you have a higher chance of getting orders. If you are a new seller and a $5 pricing strategy is working for you, this is why.

The problem starts with Fiverr itself wanting to make money. $5 gigs are as financially lucrative to Fiverr as fly sneezes. In the longer term, Fiverr, therefore, gives pride of place in the search to higher-priced gigs and gigs with high sales volumes.

If you make 20 x $5 sales in your first month, the chances are you will eventually slide down in the search and be replaced with another new seller to see if they can make more. When that happens, sales start to dwindle because of poorer visibility.

Your strategy worked in the 2010-2014 era of Fiverr, but only because there were fewer sellers. Most people also now see $5 gigs as garbage.

No offense to anyone selling at $5. However, when Fiverr gets panned online for things like poor quality services, it usually always comes back to new buyers paying $5 and expecting a logo that sinks the Apple brand overnight, or a website that blows Amazon out of the water.

These days, buyers worth working with on Fiverr expect to pay more realistic market rates. Create an eye-catching gig and deliver what you say you can, and you can just as easily start building reviews by starting selling at $20 or $30 or more, as you can at $5. More importantly, you stand a better chance of growing your business sustainably in the long-term.

As for the OPs question:

My first instinct is to tell you to more precisely target your gigs at specific markets.

Your gigs look great, but they are too generic. searching for things like web design or mobile app UX design yields thousands of results. By comparison, searching for things like real CBD oil store website or real estate app design yields a lot fewer.

I haven’t actually tested those search terms, but that’s the way you need to think. Create several gig variations targeting several different niches, and you will stand a better chance of garnering interest in your gigs.

Your gigs look great - don’t listen to the nay sayers.

I’m with @cyaxrex on the niching down thing - websites for specific markets. And, frankly, what you’re showing is such high quality, you may well be better off applying for pro. Which takes, forever, but still.

Are those sites hard coded? You could list the languages you specialise in …

Go for it …

Oh - and for that kind of quality outside Fiverr? $25k and up …

@cyaxrex - I clearly said gigs that START at $5.

For instance, he offers one page with Sketch design at $40, over 5 days, with one single revision. I get it, it’s custom and it is hard work. But why not START with a similar offer for just $5? Of course, this could simply cut off the customization, it would be like a basic template. And to add packages (he has this) and extras (he doesn’t have this) on top…

Or, better yet, keep his current gigs, but create some other similar gigs with this typical approach, see how it goes.

The trick here is most people will just be attracted to the $5 price, but almost everyone want something more complex, once they get there. And they end up paying you more. Buying the same $40 gig, if you wish, but built-up from pieces…

Don’t be rude, I think he SHOULD listen to ALL different opinions, based on different arguments, as long as his gigs don’t work yet. That’s why he’s here.

The title says “Having Issues with my Gig but why?”. He was looking for advice. “Your gigs look great” is just encouraging, but not a valid advice.

I’ve split-tested my theory. I joined several new freelance market places last year. On some, I offered prices starting at $5 - $10 on others I offered prices starting at $20 - $30. Where I offered higher prices, I sold more faster and got great feedback. Where I set prices low, I hardly made any sales and those I did make were high-stress and hard work.

Consumers see $5 and presume you can’t possibly have any real talent because anyone who did would have more dignity. They buy to give you a chance or because they get a kick out of having an exploitable underling. There are always exceptions, but every year they get fewer and farther between.

By comparison, consumers see more realistic pricing (though, still discounted) and think "Bargain!"

The latter are the buyers you want. The former people all need to be boarded onto an iceberg and towed into the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Really? :smiley: Well, if there are some of those (and yes, I know there are), you don’t want them as consumers, it’s a bit silly and arrogant. It’s like saying “I’ll NEVER buy from a dollar store again, because I have more money now”… There are still things you can buy from a dollar store, like coffee filters. Or $5 logos on fiverr, for good enough quality…

And I get your point, but I also stand by mine. He is a new seller and he asked for help specifically because his not so cheap gigs do not sell. He could at least try some A/B testing, as I said, with alternative gigs starting from $5-$10 and adding up value a different way.

Though it says “Development is not included.” and that the delivery is a Sketch source file and png, jpg.
So aren’t they designs only / mock-ups rather than actual sites/pages?

Oh - ok - $5k. And the files, btw, should be psd

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Welcome to the forum.

Some ideas …

grab a friend, colleague, or someone who’s really good with English, ideally a native English speaker, and go through your profile text and Gig descriptions with them.

Your Gig descriptions also don’t look as if you’re at the 1200 character limit. See if you can explain better, entice more, get more search terms in.

Many categories are very saturated, and your work may be phenomenal, but if people will stop reading at your profile text or Gig description for any reason, they won’t buy the Gig or contact you and will never find out how awesome your work is.

Polish your profile text and Gig descriptions, they are your calling card here and should be nigh immaculate if you don’t target $5 Gig buyers.

Else, I agree with prior recommendations, target niches to get more visibility, you can have up to 7 gigs even as a beginner here.

If you have worked with so many customers off-Fiverr, in case you may use work you’ve done for some of those for your portfolio, you can upload two PDFs with more work of yours in addition to the 3 gig images.

Perhaps you could also get a customer or two to buy a Gig from you on Fiverr to get your Gig off the ground? (Just keep Fiverr’s policies regarding communication on/off-platform, etc. in mind - do read the terms of service if you haven’t yet).

Just some ideas that might help. And good luck!



This could be my main top competitor on fiverr, as I also started to offer similar services the way he did. And most other guys do the same.

From the way he structured his packages, he starts with $5, but I can tell most common needs are within its $20 package, if not $50+.


This is the second. He offers only one $5 gig, but capitalizes on volume. On small automatic scraping jobs, which look to be in demand. But he also says “contact me before” (like ALL of these guys), to eventually establish a better price, if more work is required.

If anyone sees these gigs as “garbage”, I beg to differ :smiley: I see plenty of similar offers at $20 or more, and they have way less customers, or no customers at all .

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Regarding the $5 gigs, many sellers might not really even aim at actually selling those, making them purposely unattractive, compared to their other gig packages, but keep offering them for “tactical reasons”, to appear when people filter for $5, there’ll be plenty of people who glance at the $5 Basic Gig but will then take the Standard or Premium offer if it has a better cost-benefit ratio.


First of all thank you all so much for all those replies and also good points that I was not thinking before.

Im hardly against the 5$ “Tactic” maybe it works maybe not but this is the biggest problem at my job that people are going to under value and I dont want to be like that.

I never thought about creating Gigs for different fields but this is such a great idea I will start doing this for sure on the weekend.

Thanks, I already applied for pro but they told me they need more time to review because there are to many people applying for pro in my field sadly…

Like people already mentioned development is not included