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Having multiple GIGS a BAD idea?

Hey guys I am back after a long time and its great being here… Kisses to you all :blush:

I was just curious about one thing:

Does having multiple gigs on your profile a good approach to attract buyers?

Cause my story is that I am a Film Graduate who is fluent in video editing as well as making illustrations, cartoon animation, Game Graphics etc, and I was wondering if its better to create a separate profile for each category of service to create a fiverr niche?

Cause I have dabbed into almost every art form from Performing to Visual to Literal to Cinematic and

I was just thinking if its wise to be offering multiple services through one profile as a single person?

Most of the times I have had trouble communicating as to who or what I really am. Should I tell the buyer I’m a designer or a cartoonist or a videographer?.. kinda sound like Im that Jack who is into all trades but doesn’t appears to be a master of any :stuck_out_tongue:

I am saying this cause back in 2018, I was looking up to hire services for an animated film I was making (a passion project) and being in the Buyers feet I tended to ignore the sellers who were offering almost all the services. Rather I was more attracted to hire the talent who were only good at one specific thing/department(and I mean really good) and it kind of worked out great for me.

I hired several people and created a team on ■■■■■ where we collaborated and discussed the project and milestones.

I may sound frightfully silly but I believe this is really something I would like the Buyers’ as well as the Sellers’ opinion on. Or does it differ from person to person?

Also I read the topic on this link so I just wanted to make sure