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Having no luck looking for a novel writer


I put up a request offer, but I always get a lot of junk offers from there and it’s hard to sift though. If anyone knows of a great romance writer that could rewrite 13,000 words and add 15,000 of solid content for under 40 dollars, I’d really appreciate the help. I need a strong writer that can develop characters well.


Wow! I understand that your budget is your budget, but honestly, I’m surprised you’re getting any offers at all at that price. You’re not only asking for quantity and quality, you’re looking for specialized service.

The buyer request function doesn’t always allow buyers to submit their most appropriate gig.

I suggest you search for writers yourself, and when you find a few that look good, place a $5 order for a small portion of what you want to see if it’s a good enough fit.

And don’t make too much of if you like their work you’ll be ordering more. That’s a lie more often than not on Fiverr and it might put buyers off of working with you before they even begin. Good luck, and seriously, consider upping your budget a bit. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice, I’ll definitely consider it if I can’t find someone soon.