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Having No orders as December Started

Hi there All,
I am getting no orders as December started i dont know why this is happening my gig went down to 3K Impression from 8K. And i got no single person from previous days. I want to know is this to only me or others are facing issues as well?
Do share your thoughts with me. Any suggestions would be great. Also if any of you have a bit of time suggesting about my gig image. Do let me know if you like it. should i change the image or some modifications. :slight_smile: Hope to hear from some Experienced Member soon :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Make gigs related to Christmas.
I hope you will get orders

Hello, Hope you’re doing well. Your profile is great and you delivered your last order 18 hours ago. This is fair while compared to me. I’ve not yet received any single order/message from buyer in December and received only 1 order on November. I’m a level 1 full-time seller at fiverr. I hope this will resolve soon. Due to holidays, We cant get much more orders from USA.

You realize his post is from 4 years ago? A lot of things can happen in 4 years, including improvements in gig impressions :neutral_face:

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Or the seller could have left.

And even if he didn’t, imagine getting a response after 4 years… :rofl:


I never left. :slight_smile:

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Don’t get disappointed. Keep working and search out for something that you are missing in your gig and you will surely have orders. Just keep working hard my friend. :slight_smile:

Usman Abbasi

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