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Having no skills 😒😒😒


Hello ,
Without skills any person can make money in Fiverr . Can any one give his or her own point of view on this topic.
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I disagree. You WILL need skills if you wish to become successful. If you have no skills then what do you have to offer the world that would benefit other people? Skills build businesses. If you wish to build a freelance business, you will need skills.


There are people who sell things that don’t require much skill although I do not think any of them make much (if any) money. Some people sell things like PLR which doesn’t require much skill although you have to be able to market your service. Buyers aren’t going to pay much for that kind of thing unless you have an amazing product that is very unique.

That said, it makes no sense to post β€œcry” emojis about having no skills. Everyone who is capable of writing on a forum is also capable of learning new skills. You can even find free classes in all kinds of things on YouTube. No one is going to pay you online or offline if you just put your hand out and make sad faces. Do something about it.


Well you can start from being a Virtual Assistant, doing web research,data mining and stuff like that. and with that you need to find out what you are interested in doing, and start learning that and build your skills.
To go far and beyond, you need to have skills.
Best of luck :slight_smile:


If you want to develop a freelance business, then you’ll need skill and knowledge. Thanks.


Earning money online is most difficult/easy way .If you have skill and if you work hard then you can earn but if you do not have then you can not .This is a common sense …

I have seen many people try to earn money without having skills .They also work on different kind of website like as PTC,Bitcoin earning websites,etc.Those websites just waste our time. For that I will tell anyone first learn then earn …And This is the truth…


Thanks sir for your suggestion :pray::pray::pray: the


Did I hear you say someone can do data mining without skill???

Real data mining/data analysis is a huge skill sir!


Yes, I meant to say, data research.


Maybe something like data entry


Hello. i believe that there are many different areas here you can be succeed at. So the options are unlimited. However, whatever you decide to do (from the easiest to the hardest service), you must be skilled are really good at it. Of course you can have a profile here even thought you have no skill but definitely you cant be really successful if you dont know your subject really well.

Maria S.


I believed that every body has some skill . It depends on their willingness to come out.


Do not use sir/mam .It is unprofessional and "fonthaunt " is female.


I think you don’t need skills for simple stuff. You know, things a common worker does in a company, like photocopies, bringing documents and prepare a good coffee for the boss. But in Fiverr there is competition. I worked hard to become Level Two and to have every meter at the top. Competition is also in other industries, where there are few projects and many sellers. As example in music, you need to be the best of the best or you won’t attract customers and you won’t keep them in the long term.


fiverr offers online course, you can take a course before you start offering services


I have no words…but this post made my day :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: