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Having offers rescinded due to being female?

Lately I have been getting offers but they buyer takes it back once we talk on voice and they figure out I am by birth a woman.

How do you sort these people out from serious buyers?


Your gig video should have a sample so if people don’t want it they won’t order it.

Note: I see now from others that your gig isn’t a voiceover gig.

If you want to sort legit buyers from ones who will ditch you, follow the ToS and learn how Fiverr works. There is zero reason to have a voice chat for an order.


We aren’t allowed to talk to buyers off of the Fiverr platform. It’s against the Terms of Service. The exception to this rule is if outside contact is required in order to complete a gig. As you’re a writer, this exception doesn’t apply to you.

I’m sure you’ll have better luck with buyers if you stick to those who follow the site’s rules.


I did not know this… now that I do I will just not talk to these people.

Thank you


You are offering a writing gig.

Using off Fiverr contact is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

From what I’ve gathered, there are numerous creeps/timewasters/scammers who aim to get people off of the platform for one reason or another. It’s possible you’ve been wasting your time with too many of these people.

Thankfully I haven’t heard of many serious buyers rejecting a seller due to their gender!


Why not read the ToS? You agree to them when you register.

Why would Fiverr tolerate you discussing things outside of the platform? It wouldn’t make sense for them to tolerate that because you could be trying to take your business off Fiverr.

It’s time to research the ToS and think more critically.


Also, it’s probably a good idea to change the FAQ section to remove anything that offers offsite contact info.


Done and done. I’m new here and am still learning how to navigate the site and such things.


I guess it’s important to remember that there are idiots everywhere.
I’ve had a similar thing with a long term client (off Fiverr) who was told by God that he couldn’t deal with me any more. Coincidentally it was the day after I had mentioned being away somewhere with my partner. God had been cool with it for about 18 months before that though which was nice I guess.


As others have said, chatting off fiverr isn’t allowed. There are several excellent reasons for this including it’s a violation of the terms of service.
I’m sorry this happened to you!

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The likelihood is that anyone wanting to chat off Fiverr was never going to order anyway. You’re new and the “let’s have a call” people usually only target new sellers. Most just want to phish for personal information or lure you into a scam.


As I see it, as long as God doesn’t start turning your loved ones into pillars of salt, you can’t have upset him too much. :wink:


Ah yeah, wasn’t God that was the issue; it was the person trying to make God in their image rather than the originally planned other way around.