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Having Problem is uploading a gig video [SOLVED]

Can anybody please solve my issue … i uploaded 1 gig video and 1 gig photo… and both are successfully uploaded but when i pressed save and preview so it is not showing my gig video it just showing a gig image on my gig … :frowning:


It might be because the video needs to be checked/reviewed by Fiverr before it appears on the gig (which might take up to about 24 hours). There should have been some message like that after successfully uploading it. It might say something like that in the “Edit Gig > Gallery” section.

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Don’t worry. Your video will be posted after some time. Fiverr will first check the video and then they will approve it.


oh yes it shows me that your “is pending mandatory” :grinning:
Thanks for your feedback Bro :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

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@toaufik Thanks a lot … my video is successfully uploaded :grinning:

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