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Having problem of withdrawing

Hello, I am having the problem of withdrawing my money via bank transfer. every time I click on withdraw its showing Withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for more details. can anyone help me with this?

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@mahedee_hasan Do you use Payoneer??

@mahedee_hasan If you use Payoneer You may check below the shared topic.
I think this will help you more.

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yes . but I having problem to withdrawing from fiverr. i am not withdrawing to card. I am trying to withdraw my payoneer account.

Dear sorry Wish some experts guide you.
Actually I don’t have account and don’t have experience. :pensive:

Please tell me answer of FCA about time of this temporary frozen.

Try contacting CS and also i think there are some problems going on with payoneer currently.

Everything we know about this issue can be found in this thread: