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Having problem with my fiverr gig ranking

Please I have been trying to rank my gig to be in front page but it not working and am not getting orders please any solution to this?

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Has your gig earned the sales and reputation that qualify it for being visible on the “front page”? :wink:

Just because you want your gig to be on the front page, and visible to everyone, doesn’t mean that that is where your gig belongs. What have you done to make your gig important to buyers who want or need your services?


my gig was at front page when I opened it and have been earning with it for few months now but for this month it drop and I can not find it again and am not getting order again I have over 60 reviews which is 5 star all through please I need help

Everybody should be given fair chance irrespective of their levels or reviews don’t forget those with over 2000 reviews started as a new seller too… To my perspective, first page should be chosen randomly and according to gig performance l.e orders in queue, clicks,impression and so on…
It shouldn’t be base on reputation as it won’t favor new and level one sellers. Statistically this system favors almost everyone except those that are self centered or self hearted…

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It is not Fiverr’s job to make sure everyone has a fair chance. Fiverr is a business, and businesses favor profit. Gigs that perform well (usually as a reflection of the seller’s work ethic), and earn Fiverr a profit are likely to gain higher visibility. That’s just how it is.


Do you think so because you have one or many gigs with very few sales but you’re just hoping yours can somehow magically appear on the first page?

Yeah, you’re right but that’s just your view… We all know the new system favors every one now. Maybe you should search for a common a keyword like creative or article writing so you can understand what i am saying… I think fiverr view is quite different from yours

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Well that’s charming! :open_mouth:

Are you always as nice to potential clients? Please remember, sellers on Fiverr are also buyers.:wink:

If you want to be on the first page for something, do something very few other people are doing.


I have two gig’s on the 1st page so what are you trying to insinuate?
You can check my best selling gig to confirm.
I have few sells, yeah you’re right but it seems you suddenly boom on fiverr without any hardwork…
It’s as if you just insulted me for saying I have small sells and I am looking for a way to get the 1st page… That’s sounds unpleasant. Learn to respect people’s view, OK??

Nobody insulted you - you posted your opinion, and other users responded with their opinions. Opinions can be different without anybody being unpleasant or lacking respect.


I understand. Maybe the word "magically appear on the 1st page " made me feel like that…

Not a problem - words definitely have a different way of sounding when it’s only text that’s being used. Things which wouldn’t cause offence in a real life conversation can sound so inflammatory when read! :slightly_smiling_face:

it has already been programmed, any gig with good and high clicks, views and impressions have tendencies of being hired, so these gigs are expected to be on home page.

You are right…

This is the first page in Writing & Translation / Creative Writing, where’s yours?

how about this?

first row of the page. check it out

What’s your keyword? Full screen please :kissing_cat:

Creative writing… Looking at the gig title you should know it’s creative writing.

My bad then, good luck hehehehehehehe