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Having problems contacting the buyer

I recently joined fiverr, and i got a direct message from a customer i guess, the message was in my inbox on the seller dashboard. The thing is that this person sent me a message asking me if i could do this specific job. I have no orders or anything it’s just a question, but i can’t reply, it says:

" can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate
What does this mean? I would like to tell this person that i can do the job.


That is the standard message you get when Fiverr finds a spammer/scammer has messaged you. It means Fiverr has blocked them from communicating with you and more than likely banned them from the site. Thank your lucky :star: :star: :star:s you did not get scammed, as on Fiverr scammer seem to select new sellers to scam.

These scammers may ask you to make accounts for them on other freelance platforms, deliver work through the inbox so you do not get paid, or even open a bank account for them. (Do not laugh, there was a new seller who posted on the Forum that he did open a bank account for a “buyer” who said they would pay him to do so.)

So, be safe and do not fall for any scams.


@freeflex15 block issue

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Damn, I thought I had my first job


A few quick/helpful pointers: You forgot to capitalize ‘Mexican,’ American,’ ‘English,’ and ‘Spanish’ in your profile, and…

…the best word you can use here is ‘localization’. “I will also localize your text…”

Lastly, ‘desalinated.’ To remove the salt from. Not sure what word you meant to use.

(While you’re in your profile, look into taking the skills tests for these languages.)

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It’s about time we had more skilled writers serving desalinated clients… :roll_eyes:

Regarding the message:

Your buyer has either been blocked by Fiverr or they have blocked you. The latter can sometimes happen when you politely threaten to remove all the salt from someone’s bloodstream. Don’t worry, though, we’ve all been there.