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Having Problems Finding The Right Website Developer

Hi I am having a few problems and need some help.

I am struggling to find a website developer that actually does what I ask. I need someone to take a look at my website and improve it, I created the site myself and it’s rubbish - I am not a web developer and so it is impossible for me to give explicit instructions as to what I need - If I knew what I needed I would do it myself! I had a bad experience with trying to explain what I wanted to someone for them just to install a new theme - I can install a theme myself. I need a complete make over of the site including sliders etc., but I don’t want to have to tell them exactly what to do at every stage, I want them to come to me when they need something such as content etc.

Any suggestions?



Why dont you build one yourself its easy and there are some great solutions. fragglesrock are a good company only £20 a month and you get a admin panel and all the tools to build and hosting! You dont have to be a html head at all !

Good Luck