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Having problems uploading photo to gig


Hey everyone, I’m new to this forum, and I hope im in the right spot…if not…please move this to appropriate forum…I have a photo that I’m having trouble uploading and cant get it to certain pixels…my acoount is mwagner for voiceovers…how do i upload…or is there someone that can do this for me…tx!



I just wrote a “ranting post” regarding the same issue.

What you need to do is contact support and submit a ticket about the wrong thumbnail being shown for your gig. They will then change it for you no problem. just send them the correct picture you want showing.

My rant is about the fact that this happens to me each time I create a new gig and I lose out because the site search function can actually show new gigs, but its no good if the wrong thumbnail is showing. By the time it gets sorted out your gig has slipped very far down the new gig search results. Its very frustrating.

Support will change that for you if you log in - Upload your picture there as well and give them a link to your gig page.