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Having problems with my response rate and time

just like many others on this site (very sad) I’m also having issues with both my fiverr response rate and time. somehow it just goes down constantly and honestly I have no idea why at this point. 50% response rate and 18 (now more like 19) hours of response time. no.

these numbers are trying to say that I ignored half of the people trying to message me. no. I can personally assure that every single person that has contacted me was served in a timely manner, I have never allowed a buyer to go a full 24 hours unanswered. this is seriously harming my career on fiverr.

before anyone replies, yes, I respond to everyone as fast as I can, I use fiverr on my phone and keep notifications on all the time. lately I havent even recieved any messages, and the numbers keep going down

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Check the spam folder maybe there are some messages in spam that you ignored and after that if you are sure that you have responded to every message and the stats are wrong, you can contact Customer Support and ask them to fix it


umm, spam folder? what does the spam folder have to with the fiverr site? if someone sends me a message I REQUIRE to be notified

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I recommend checking it before sending a ticket to CS to make sure that everything is right from your side


I dont use my email to respond to fiverr inquries, there is nothing for me to check there since everything has already been taken care of on site. even if I’m notified with a mail, I dont use it, I go straight to the site

I was saying about the spam folder in Fiverr

Click on the top right corner and you will see spam folder

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There is s spam folder in your Fiverr inbox.

Your Response Rate is calculated over the past 60 days, so your Response Rate will decrease over time as messages become older than 60 days. Thus it can decrease even if you receive no new messages.

Also, you are “Out of Office,” so that is probably why you get no new messages.

  1. why would it go down if no messages have been missed “over the course of 60 days”

2)I’m out of office, but I’m still open to messages to potential interlocutors, yup, I got a lot of attention out of nowhere so I had to close everything to work on the new orders

  1. I dont mind not getting any messages, as you can clearly see, the problem listed is the response time and rate and not “help guys I’m not getting any messages” I know that as soon as I get back in office I’ll get my fair share of messages back, dont worry.

also they do not have ANY reason to change if I’ve already acknowledged all texts, noone has been left on “unread”.

— to @hazel_justin131

  1. having a spam section is stupid, as I need to review all messages either way to see if I can help my interlocutor in any way

  2. my spam section is empty, so no luck in that

the simple problem that so many people complain about the same 5 issues is a clear indicator that fiverr doesnt convey its messages well, I should probably open a new thread based on that but

  1. it doesnt matter to fiverr cuz they still get “dat bag”

  2. it’s already been made (very sad)

Yes, I would also double-check if any message has gone unanswered.
If not, I would contact customer service and explain the situation.

The good news is, as soon as you identify (and fix) the issue, you should be able to regain your 100% response rate in a relatively short time.

The response rate tends to increase quite fast if you manage to provide a quick reply to the majority of your customer enquiries for the following weeks.

At least, this is what happened to me.

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thanks giulia, but as I said, I’m already responding to messages very quickly, sorry if I didnt explain myself, I’ll double check all chats to see if any messages have gone unanswered

alright, after thoroughly checking my full inbox, I can clearly see that I replied to every single message, my message was always the last, though, I might’ve found the culprit:

after sending the files and my regards, some people replied by thanking me and saying how they like the final product. maybe the fiverr algorithm (if we even wanna call if that) might see it as a text that has gone unanswered, which would be highly counterproductive, if you know what I’m saying

As I mentioned above, you can contact CS to fix this


Or… Maybe… :scream: :scream: :scream:

… It’s because those people do not do their research. Many people have no idea how Fiverr works before they start selling. They feel entitled to sales, and they feel entitled to have Fiverr (and the forum) hand everything to them on a silver platter. :roll_eyes:

Only your answer to the first message counts. And, it only matters if you responded within the first 24 hours or not.

I agree with @hazel_justin131 - contact CS if you cannot find the culprit.


awesome! by checking the timestamps I can see everything has been taken care of in a rather fast manner, I’ll make some quick calculations, and then we’ll see if the average is equal to …

…18 hours…

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good news everybody! with this calculation I came up with a 2 hour response time, if you could please help me refine my calculations that would be great.

chat 1 9:30 - 9:44 14 minutes to respond

chat 2 11:55 - 11:56 1 minute to respond

chat 3 log wont load, though he is a recurring buyer (I’m assuming this to be 3 hours just to be a bit more just, otherwise I’d probably budge on it being just 1 hour

chat 4 01:51 (offline times) - 16:52 undisclosed amount of time, roughly 8 hours considering my sleeping schedule

chat 5 6:38 (offline times) - 11:11 undisclosed amount of time, roughly 4 hours

chat 6 6:07 - 6:58 51 minutes to respond

chat 7 3:54 - 8:04 4 hours 19 minutes to respond

chat 8 4:57 - 5:20 23 minutes to respond

chat 9 unknown amount of time, he was a scammer and his account was deleted, though, from my replies I can see that no more than a minute passed

chat 10 11:43 - 11:44 1 minute to respond

14+1+51+19+23+1+1=110 (minutes alone)

(3+8+4+4)*60=1140 (hours into minutes, needed to calculate average

110+1140=1250 -> 1250/10 (10 chats)= 125 minutes per buyer.

yay!! 2 hour response time!!!

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though, only the first ones should be counted, as the other ones go beyond the 60 days period, thus pushing the average even lower

of course, this isnt even TAPPING into the whole situation that is the “50% response rate” which is simply unexplainable, considering the data I’ve provided

So are those from your inbox and the spam folder or just the inbox? If you see any in the spam folder and it says “this won’t affect your response rate” sometimes it can (that’s why you should unspam them, reply and then reset them to spam if they are spam as soon as you get them - if you can (you can’t when the account is deleted)).

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as you can see from the replies above, the spam folder has already been checked and proven to be empty, also if they say something wont affect you you bet it shouldnt affect you, because, you know

they said it