Having so much trouble getting site to accept pic.?


Hello - I’m new and I need help.

I’ve tried everything to upload my gig pic. Enlarging the pic, reducing the pic, putting in another pic. Nothing works and Fiverr keeps canceling my gig. :frowning:



Make sure to follow the rules when uploading a photo.

If it’s a Gig Cover photo:

  • Please, no ads. This is not a banner.
  • Do not add text to your photo.
  • JPEG format, 1100x260 pixels, 2 MB max.
  • You must own the image copyrights

    If it’s a Gig photo:
  • Upload photos that describe or relate to your Gig. They can be samples of your work. Allowed: JPEG, 682 pixels wide, 459 pixels height, up to 2 MB

    If you’re still having trouble, send a message to Customer Support :slight_smile:


I have the exact same issue. The photo is well under the pixel dimensions and size limit. I still can’t upload one. What’s the problem?