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Having some serious issue with buyer

Guys i need some suggestion of your

I was contacted by the buyer for sending my proposal in buyer request…He explained details of the work…i started working on the project…i completed it…then he sends me a link to refer…which he sent earlier also…to check if anything is missing…i told him 1 feature was missing…i will add it, which was not in the original deal…i was not able to apply that feature…so i decided to offer the current project at half the price of discussed price…then he ignored my messages for some time and then said “ill place the order”…then he placed the order from the different account…after that he made me do some changes…now he is not able to implement on his website…he is facing bugs…but the script works perfectly on my system…(I was not at all inchrage of the implementation on his website)…still i tried my best to fix to it…but i couldnt fix it…i didnt understand how he is running his server and how is site is hosted…and since my script was not working on his site…he said " i am very disappointed please cancel the order"…i already told him that i wont be able to implement on his website as i dont know php…he said he was ok with it…i have told him to cancel the support team for his cancellation…because i have done work from my side and the script is working on my ends…so its very difficult to fix bugs which are not on my system…

What to do…please suggest

His other account (Most probably his friends account) has filed a dispute on the order…Please tell me what to do…Should i accept it…

P.S : i am new seller here…just completed 5 orders few days ago…What to do…really need some help


I wouldn´t pay a penny for something which doesn´t work.

So - cancel the order.

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implementation on his website was not my part…i developed the script which works perfectly on my side…now it his responsibility to implement on his website right??

What do you mean he placed an order from a different account?

Are you suggesting your buyer has two (or more) Fiverr accounts?

If so, that is against Fiverr rules and your buyer could be suspended.

He has used his friends account i guess…now he has filed the order in dispute

No, that is not allowed. Users cannot access multiple accounts.

The only possible reason a buyer would wish to use multiple accounts is to scam.

If you make customer support aware of the fact your buyer is using multiple accounts, they will very likely take action against your buyer.

This could work in your favour.

Hopefully it will also rid Fiverr of another undesirable buyer.


See my other reply which says the only reason buyers use multiple accounts is to scam.

It sounds like this is exactly what has happened to you.

Alert customer support and hopefully they will suspend your buyer from Fiverr and award you the money.

he was not able to pay with his account…so he told me he’ll place order from other account…i guess it is its friends account

You should try and contact customer support and show screenshot of your chat as proof.

yes i have told customer support what all things have happened and now let them decide what to do

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So … from what I understand from the OP - the buyer got you to do the work first, then placed an order from another account and added something to what had already been agreed and made.

Then, although the app works on the only way you have to test it, they now want to cancel, saying it doesn’t work on their site. But you have no way of testing it on their site, because they won’t let you do that.

So basically, you don’t know that the app doesn’t work on their site, just that they say it doesn’t.

Two things: First, never, ever do the work without an existing order. Ever.

Second, deliver the order using the delivery button. Explain to the buyer that you must do it this way because of TOS.

Also point out that it’s up to them whether or not they cancel, but should they do so, you do not give permission to use the app on their site and that copyright remains with you, since they won’t have paid for it.

Your first red flag was doing the work without an order in place. They saw you as a pushover. Make sure they understand that you’re not.


i started the work because i wanted to be sure enough that i could do it…then he placed the order from some other account…we have already discussed that i wont be implementing it on their site because i dont know php and wordpress…we agreed to that…he showed me some proofs of the script not working…i tried to fix by going to their website but couldn’t…because i didn’t understand how things worked there(this was not my duty to implement…it was his job).

Now i reported my situation to CS…lets see what heppens

Should i ask buyer to cancel the order?

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If you clearly said that implementing scripts is out of your scope, CS will probably help you resolve the problem without any warning.

Also, tell CS that buyer is using multiple accounts as it is against TOS

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i said:

I dont know wordpress so i wont be able to implement it

these were my exact words

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So you volunteered to do the work without an order.

I do see why. I sometimes work something out on my own test site before raising an offer. But I don’t tell the buyer that - generally, I’ll say something like “let me have a think about that and get back to you”.

As long as you have delivered according to your gig offer/page, you should be ok - remind CS you don’t want to cancel … but also bear in mind they may cancel anyway. Or not - and you may get a negative review. Rock :curling_stone:, hard place :mountain:

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Yeah i have told CS about the issue and enough of screenshots supporting my request


here i said i dont knw wordpress so i wont be able to implement the script

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Sorry, but I don’t accept those excuses from buyers. This is the sort of statement that a scammer comes out with.

If i were on your site i will dispute the project because if you try approved it they will gave bad rates, rates matter in fiver so i suggest to dispute

That’s good to know. Stay positive…