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Having someone to do my gig a video?! thoughts


I have been contacting Fiverr about this but no reply so I’m posting it here

what do you think if I order someone here on Fiverr to record a 30 sec video promotional for my gig then I upload it since I’m not good on camera?

do you think my video will get accepted?


Yes, I do. Many here would be pleased to help you. Message one of the higher rated ones and tell them what you’re looking for.


Reply to @sharonsomers: problem is I can get banned for not uploading a video of me done by me!!


You think most people here made their own promotional videos??? Good grief no! It’s like a little commercial for your services. They don’t care who made it. Most here don’t have the skills to do that. It is fine, if you don’t believe me, wait for their email, but it’s fine. Don’t worry. Stick to the under 1 min, and make sure you have their “exclusive to fiverr” thing, even though many here have their own sites and are by no means exclusive here, they want to have buyers be under some illusion you are…

I think it’s very unfair they have a different rules for different people here in regards to videos and who knows what all else. I’ve personally seen demo videos nearly 2 1/2 min long, yet mine which was 3 min was rejected. I said why are theirs allowed to be over the 1 min length, and was told sometimes exceptions are made for length. Total BS if you ask me. You do not need to make your own video, why on earth would you think you would?

Why does any person need to appear in your video? I just re read what you wrote, I don’t think you need any live person in your promotional video. Just a series of frames of some of your work should be fine.


They replied and said I can’t upload a video of someone else, I have to do it myself so umm yeah