Having the most positive reviews does not put a gig first under AVERAGE REVIEWS


I was looking for my gig to see where it is under the search keyword
money spell. It is number ten when I click on average reviews. But it has more positive reviews than any other gig there under that term.

Under RELEVANCE it’s number eight. What could be making other gigs come before mine?

I’ve been searching for other things and have a hard time finding the gigs with the most positive reviews


Under relevance, I see it at no. 4 - top row. :slight_smile:


Yes this is true. It depends on many other factors too.

But I think, fiverr is giving more chance to new sellers nowadays ( which is good somehow )


Thank you. You made my day. (running to look again :slight_smile: )



That’s not what I am seeing. Now I see it at number 7.


Strange? :slight_smile:


At sixth position here :innocent:


It’s strange we all see it slightly differently.

I also notice that incognito mode is not working for me on fiverr now.


Incognito mode :heart_eyes:


Now thats interesting! Why would your incognito mode be different? I can understand if mine is. This is very encouraging though. I appreciate you guys checking it for me.

It’s going to be hard to tweak these if I’m not seeing what others are seeing.

Still, no orders on that at all. For a long time. I think it might be there because I put a high price on it to see if that moved it up, which it did apparently because before it had been on the last page.

Previously when that gig was in the top row it had tons of orders. I will switch it back now to $5.


Which browser are you using? I’m using Google Chrome.

I think, there are some issues/bugs inside fiverr system that’s why gigs position is showing up differently.


I use Chrome.

Now I see it at number 2. It keeps changing. I just put it back to $5 which will take a while to show up in the search that way.

It’s unheard of for that gig to be in that position and not get orders which makes me think that people find my gigs from browsing instead of searching as I always suspected. I doubt it people actually search for money spells.


This can be the reason for getting no orders :slight_smile:
“This does not include the highly recommended 3 candles nor the other two spells.”


Ok I will take it out. edit: It’s gone.

I had high prices in that and never had a problem with getting them before now.

But I’m back to square one right now.

Let’s see if it moves down in the ranks since I lowered the price.


This is true that fiverr is ranking gigs with higher prices these days but you can’t see sales in queue in big numbers on those gigs that’s because many top gigs are still at 5$. So buyers prefer them instead of purchasing gigs of higher prices.

You will have to wait for the result for atleast 2-3 days.


I’m out of :heart: but thanks. I will lower my prices on everything, and get to work on the tags and descriptions.


I got your :heart: ,Thank you :blush:


It’s not a bug. That’s how Fiverr works.


Are you 100% sure? :smirk:

It was not before, this is happening from the last few days or so. :disappointed:
Fiverr is unable to figured it out as far as I know.