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Having trouble ordering a gig

So I am fairly new to fiverr and every time I try and order a gig it sends me through the usual steps I choose my payment method which is PayPal then it takes me to PayPal I then click okay to authorize the payment then it takes me back to fiverr, now this is where I have the problem at so it says please wait while we process your order so I wait then the bar fills up and I get this message: We are having a problem processing this order. Please contact our support team for assistance I have also contacted the support team. So can anyone help solve this problem and please explain it well because I am very new.(I also know that their is nothing wrong with my PayPal account)

this dude is a complete idiot >>>zera93 i asked him to create something for me and i guess he cant speak english or something plzzz email me amd i will forward the convo thanks Terry i never said my design was his i asked him for help and if this cant be resolved will i will report this site thanks zera93

I tell you AGAIN, and this is last time - CHECK THIS! You replaced me with someone else ! THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN!

Go to My Orders page and find gig and then find designer who did this design. THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN!

If you continue to upsetting me, i will report you!


All the best ! @ g m a i l . c o m

Reply to @kjblynx:

Nice retort! “If you’re trying to send your incoherent rant to Customer Support…” had me laughing out loud.