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Having trouble selling my gigs, any suggestions?

I’m having issues selling my gigs. I haven’t sold anything, but I’m new to fiverr. I have very accurate descriptions and everything. I just don’t know how I’m not getting orders.

Try these:

You’re selling graphic design services, but don’t have any examples from your portfolio. No reviews and no examples = no sales.

I don’t know what I could use to have all of my designs in one place and people being able to remotely access them to influence sales.

crazyblocks said: I don't know what I could use to have all of my designs in one place
Use flickr, and put the link in your profile.

Hi mate,
I will help you.
For this gig put Keyword TAGS Logo,Business logo design,3d logo,graphic design

1)Increase sales by adding gig video.
2)Remove CUSTOM and Create word from your gig title.Instead of it put I will design a Professional Logo
Your description is not detail friend.Provide buyer a detail suggestion provide which file format you will give buyer.For smart description see the sellers gig on your category and get inspired.I said get inspired not to copy their description be original will make customer to buy your gig.

I think it will be helpful to you.if you need any help contact me i will help you.Thank you friend