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Having trouble uploading audio files


I am making a voiceover gig, but when I try to upload an audio file it has the green check mark but it says “Please add text for your audio file”.
Does anyone know how to do this?


You can’t save an audio file without adding a title.
Click on the shaded area to add text something like fiveormorekam | Demo then save.



I have tried that but there isn’t a shaded area for me to do that.


Hi. Are you using the web page or the mobile app? After clicking on “deliver order” button and writing a message, I always deliver the audio as a attached file.


Hi, I am using the web page and I just wanted to put the audio file in my gig as a sample but I cannot upload it.
Here is a picture of it.
27 PM


Make sure you’re uploading an mp3 file. Not a link to a file, not a url, but the actual file itself.
It has to be an .mp3, shorter than 3:30 in duration and a max of 10mb.
If you do meet those requirements, you should not have an issue.


Ok, thank you! I figured out that I need to make a new gig, sorry for the trouble.